Thumbay Hospital Dubai Successfully Performs Complex Dental Surgery on 3-year-old with 18 Defective Milk Teeth

Thumbay Hospital – Dubai, ultra-modern academic hospital owned and operated by Thumbay Group recently carried out a complicated dental surgery on a 3 year old girl. The surgery, performed under general anesthesia, was a complex 3 hour process including multiple dental procedures.

The child had visited the Dental Hospital at Thumbay Hospital, Dubai with the main complaint of multiple cavities in the mouth and pain while eating food. She had developed recurrent swellings on the gums since one year. Her parents complained that the child’s teeth had started decaying as soon as they erupted at the age of 6 months. According to them, the child had been unable to eat anything ever since, due to pain in the teeth.

Thumbay Hospital

The child was seen by the hospital’s Specialist Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Anukriti Pathak and was diagnosed of ‘Severe Early Childhood Caries’, rampant in nature. She had cavities in 18 out of the 20 milk teeth she had. Five of them were completely damaged, with only the root remaining in the gums. Some teeth had undergone complete pulpal necrosis and others were deep dental caries. Being young in age, the patient did not cooperate for examination, let alone treatment. Hence, it was decided to treat all the teeth of the child under general anesthesia.

Initial tests were run and when the child was considered fit by the hospital’s Pre Anesthetic Checkup Unit (PACU), the child was taken for surgery under general anesthesia on 25thNovember, 2015. The team of doctors comprised of Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Anukriti Pathak, G.P. Dentist Dr. Elham Saeed, Anesthetist Dr. Manjusha Sukumara Menon and Dr. Pavan Tayde.

Full mouth rehabilitation was performed successfully in a 3-hour procedure under general anesthesia. Pulp Therapy was performed for 4 teeth, Glass Ionomer Fillings for 5 teeth, Composite Fillings for 4 teeth and 5 teeth were extracted. A total of 18 teeth were treated. The child recovered completely from anesthesia within one hour of the procedure.

Early Childhood Caries: Causes & Treatment

Early Childhood Caries is a common dental disease found in children, starting as early as from when the teeth start erupting, at 6 months of age. By the age of 2- 3 years, the decay becomes so severe that the child is unable to eat due to pain in the teeth. The most common cause is bottle feeding at will and at night. Improper or no brushing in children also leads to Early Childhood Caries.

Junk food and sugary drinks and food causes rampant caries. “Early childhood caries is a common problem among kids, but most parents are unaware that this can be treated successfully at well-equipped dental hospitals, under experienced pediatric dentists,” said Dr. Sameer Kumar, Assistant Administrative Director of Thumbay Dental Hospital Dubai. “At the Dental Hospital at Thumbay Hospital – Dubai, very young children or individuals who are scared of dental treatment can be successfully treated in a single appointment under general anesthesia,” he added.

Thumbay Hospital is located next to Stadium Metro Station in Al Qusais, Dubai. A unique feature of the hospital is the 25-chair dental hospital, a full-fledged multi-specialty centre with world-class, ultra-modern facilities providing quality dental care at affordable costs.

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