Thumbay Hospital Day Care’s ‘Same-Day Surgeries’ Offer Fast Cure at Affordable Cost

United Arab Emirates, Sharjah: Mirroring a global trend aimed at making medical services more accessible, with high-quality care and reduced hospitalization hours for patients, Thumbay Hospital’s recently launched daycare services concept is fast catching-up in the UAE region. A host of factors, including improved anesthetic and surgical techniques, better patient education, convenience of recuperating at home, state-of-art infrastructure and round-the-clock access to skilled doctors and nursing staff have largely contributed in making the Thumbay Hospital Daycare, Rolla, Sharjah, a sought-after destination for healthcare services.


Mrs. Alia, a Pakistani national, who was suffering from a breast lump had been postponing the surgery for lack of medical leave. But new daycare services that are dramatically changing the way these operations are done, giving women more options, faster treatment, smaller scars, fewer long-term side effects and better cosmetic results proved to be a blessing in disguise for Alia. Her scar-less breast lump excision procedure at Thumbay Hospital Daycare was successfully conducted in less-than three hours’ time. Alia walked into the hospital post work hours at 7 pm, underwent the surgery by 8 pm, and was certified healthy to recuperate at home by 10 pm. That’s not all, she even resumed work the next day. In order to follow-up on her post-surgery recovery, the surgeon also conducted a screening two days later that confirmed Alia was lump-free, hale and hearty.

“Not everyone can afford prolonged post-operative rest, which keeps them away from work and other daily activities. Same-day surgeries get you back to your normal routine from the very next day of the procedure,” said Dr. Ashish Sam Enos, Specialist – Surgery at Thumbay Hospital Day Care. “As all the procedures are well-planned, the patient may directly move to the operating room after registration and will be discharged from the hospital two hours after the surgery,” he added.

Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, vice president of the healthcare division of Thumbay Group said that the surgical procedures at Thumbay Hospital Daycare provided multiple benefits for patients, including lower costs and fewer chances of hospital-acquired infections, in addition to early recovery and less mental stress. “The hospital offers minimal waiting times and faster admissions and discharges, in addition to delivering high quality, patient-focused and affordable care. We also offer flexibility in scheduling operations, and there are zero chances of a procedure getting delayed or cancelled due to the pressures of emergency surgeries,” he explained.

Thumbay Hospital Day Care is a state-of-the-art multispecialty facility envisioned as a center housing all major specialties under one roof, located at the heart of Sharjah in Rolla (behind Rolla Mall). The hospital is the youngest member of the Thumbay academic hospital network, affiliated to the Gulf Medical University, Ajman. It offers offer treatments and procedures as day-cases, meaning no overnight stay in the hospital is required, and patients can rest and recuperate in their own homes. The hospital offers a wide range of same-day surgeries for hernia, gastroenterological problems, urological problems, vascular surgeries, breast surgeries, plastic surgeries and laparoscopic procedures.

Fully-equipped laboratory, advanced radiology services with ultrasound and x-ray facility and trained personnel to ensure optimum patient safety and satisfaction are some of the highlights of the hospital. The hospital uses the latest healthcare technology, which combined with excellent post-operative care and effective pain relief enable patients to recover in just a few hours. This also ensures minimal risk of hospital infections. The hospital has a dedicated anesthesia team as well as operation theatre, and private patient beds for pre-op and post-op care. There are 19 consultation chambers spread on two floors.

About Thumbay Hospital

Thumbay Group’s healthcare division presently operates six teaching hospitals; five in the UAE (one each in Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah & two in Sharjah) and one in Hyderabad – India, as well as a network of state-of-the-art family clinics at various locations in the UAE, making it the largest network of private academic hospitals in the region. All the hospitals and clinics are affiliated to the Gulf Medical University (GMU), the leading private medical university in the region owned by Thumbay Group, and provide clinical training for its students. They treat patients from over 175 nationalities, and are staffed by doctors, nurses and technicians from over 25 different countries, speaking more than 50 languages. Thumbay Group also operates CAP-accredited diagnostic labs (Thumbay Labs) and retail pharmacy outlets (Thumbay Pharmacy), in the UAE and India.

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