The Art of Skin Exhibition by Bioderma – Mojo Gallery


12th August 2015, UAE:  A unique perspective on the beauty and individuality of human skin was showcased in a compelling art exhibition created by pioneering French dermo-cosmetic brand Bioderma to raise awareness on the importance and the need to stay protected from the sun by using the right sun protection.

Curated at the Mojo Gallery in Dubai, the photographic exhibition includes black&white portraits of ordinary beachgoers before and after applying sunscreen, and were captured using a UV lens.  Revealing the unique manifestations of the sun’s effect on each of the individuals portrayed, the photographs also graphically highlight the real protection that sunscreen does provide.


Welcoming visitors to the exhibition, Jean Girard, General Manager, Bioderma Middle East and India said: “The skin is the body’s largest and most beautiful organ, capable of unrivalled multi-tasking.  It preserves our external beauty, and our life as the first level of defense against a host of environmental aggressors, one of them being the sun.  Frequent sun exposure unbalances the function of the skin, causing varying degrees of reaction or sensitivity. Sun block plays a vital role in preserving the beauty and life of our skin. 

“What we need to focus on, though, is the use of effective sun protection for our skin to ensure its health and wellbeing.  Given the harshness and intensity of the sun’s rays in our region, daily suncare protection is essential.  The adage “a picture says a thousand words” is the foundation for Bioderma’s Art of Skin exhibition and we hope that this graphic representation of the effects of the sun on skin will increase awareness and use of sunscreen.”

Also present at the opening of the exhibition was Dr. Hanieh Erdmann, Specialist Dermatologist at Clinica Joelle in Dubai, who is a passionate advocate of effective sun protection to maintain the health of skin.


Bioderma has recently launched its latest and most innovative new Photoderm MAX Aquafluid SPF50+ UVA 24 offers broad sun protection and guarantees dermatological safety while protecting skin’s immunity and cellular DNA thanks to its Cellular Bioprotection® patent. Its unique texture with an ‘oil-free’ formulation consists of three powders with mattifying properties and concealing agents. The unique texture is as light as water, imperceptible and easy to apply on the skin.  Once applied, the skin is perfectly protected and mattified. The Photoderm range is one of the most highly prescribed ranges on the market and offers a unique sun protection adapted for every skin type.

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