Swiss Healthcare Services showcases country’s medical expertise at Dubai’s AccessAbilities Expo 2016

Dubai – February 11th, 2016 – Swiss Healthcare Services (SHS), the medical arm of the Swiss Discovery group that provides clients with customized solutions from Switzerland, showcased the country’s medical expertise in treating and rehabilitating people with injuries and disabilities at ‘AccessAbilities Expo 2016’.

The event, that runs until February 11th at the Dubai World Trade Centre, was a dedicated exhibition for the latest products, techniques, technologies and innovative services for managing and rehabilitating patients with physical disabilities.

Swiss Healthcare Services showcased its carefully chosen network of Swiss specialist care providers that together cover a comprehensive range of specialisations and rehabilitation options for patients with special needs. SHS acts as an intermediary and consultant for clients wanting to avail Switzerland’s medical expertise.

“Swiss Healthcare Services enables a global clientele take better advantage of Switzerland’s superb medical facilities and exceptional levels of patient care. We have a carefully curated network of medical centres with unique specialisations that we match to specific client needs with the utmost confidentiality. Our presence at AccessAbilities Expo 2016 serves two purposes. First, it brings a message of hope, and shows that even serious injuries and disabilities can be successfully treated. Second, it showcases Switzerland’s unique medical expertise, as well as our ability to tailor bespoke medical services for our valued clients,” says Samer Al Duaifi, Member of Swiss Medical Delegation to Middle East, and the Managing Director of Swiss Healthcare Services.

SHS’s business model sees it match client needs with specialists and experts in Switzerland in a process governed by complete transparency and client confidentiality. SHS represents several prominent Swiss private hospital groups and university hospitals, and helps manage their international outreach. It also creates virtuous connections between the Middle East and Switzerland.

Swiss Healthcare Services’ AccessAbilities 2016 showcase was bolstered by the presence of a living, breathing celebrity case study. Famous Kuwaiti athlete and Guinness World Record Holder Osama Kamshad spoke about his journey from professional skydiver to patient, and the road to recovery. A terrible fall from a helicopter resulted in complete lower body paralysis, confining Kamshad to a wheelchair for eight years.

Despite his injury, Kamshad persevered. He became first wheelchair user in the Middle East and the Arab world, and only the third in the world, to free jump from an altitude of 13,500 feet.

“Kamshad’s journey and absolute determination has made him an inspiration. He continued reaching for the impossible when he underwent a unique surgical procedure in Switzerland, which resulted in a very successful patient outcome. Today, he can move his feet, stand up and has regained feeling in his lower body. As his treatment continues, the end goal is for him to walk unassisted,” added Al Duaifi.

Kamshad spoke about his experience first-hand. “I was determined to continue living my life and achieving my goals despite being injured. It was part of that belief that took me to Switzerland for a ground-breaking operation. The entire process was facilitated by SHS. The medical experts there did a fantastic job. It really is a dream come true that I have feeling in my lower body now, and can stand. I can safely say that Swiss medical technology, combined with SHS help, have given me a new lease on life,” he said.

Neuro-prostheses were among the latest medical techniques highlighted by SHS at AccessAbilities 2016. The biomedical technique uses technology to supplant injured sensory or cognitive mechanisms in the human body, for instance in the case of spinal cord injuries such as the one suffered by Kamshad.

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