Sustainability in Mobility: Moving Towards a Cleaner and Greener Future

By-lined Article written by Simon Mason, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, Writer Relocations

Dubai, UAE: The world is progressively awakening to the fact that climate change will present a greater challenge than anything we have experienced in recent decades. As such, with changing times, businesses and people have come to realize the importance of recyclable and eco-friendly practices to transition towards a clean and green future, and the mobility (relocation) industry is no exception. With the help of technological innovation, mobility companies can not only improve their negative impact, but also enhance the consumer experience, manage efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

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Studies suggest that a big chunk of customers opting for relocation services have changed their purchase preferences based on social responsibility. Similarly, consumers have switched to brands because they were sustainable. In addition, it is well proved now that consumers are ready to pay more for brands which use sustainable products, and they are ready to switch to eco-friendly brands if price and quality were equal.

While sustainable methodologies can help the packaging and moving industry reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their net zero goals, the question remains what these practices are, and how can mobility companies make their business model more sustainable? The approach is simple. Look at the bigger picture and consider environmental solutions that are easily available.

We opt for using returnable packaging material where the boxes can be recollected and reused multiple times. Focus on minimizing the wastage of paper and reduce the usage of plastic. With the start of initiatives like these, the industry will see a major change in the usage of the material and the cost benefits.

Organizations can also improve their environmental impact by investing in energy efficient lighting and windows to reduce office power consumption, holding virtual meetings, and partnering with vendors that are also committed to sustainability. In addition, mobility players can also reduce their environmental impact by supplying individuals and families choosing to relocate with eco-friendlier transportation options like electric or hybrid cars instead of gasoline-powered transportation.

That’s not all, several brands can also quit the conventional cardboard packaging boxes and opt for greener options like reusable moving bins and crates. However, it is of utmost importance that moving and packing companies consider energy efficient solutions and route while moving from one place to another. Another important thing to consider is quitting physical files or hard copies that lead to paper waste, space, and often get lost. Paperless or digital processes are best to keep up with accounts and legal requirements.

As such swapping the present solutions with eco-friendly materials will not only be easy on the pocket, but also help mobility companies to transition to the ‘Green Shift’ easily.

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