Spin & Drive for Brain Health

sigimg1Do you love to play Table Tennis? According to a growing body of research, bouncing that little white ball back and forth does more than just get your blood pumping – it may keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Alzheimer’s disease is a global health concern and most common with elderly people. It is a neurological disorder which causes deterioration of memory; concentration and judgement. Whilst as yet there is no known cure, research has revealed that exercise that gets your circulation going may help to slow cognitive decline as well as reduce the risk of AD. But how?

Table Tennis the world’s most played sport is a fantastic exercise that requires low-to-medium impact physical engagement. In addition, it also requires the brain to be constantly engaged – calculating the opponent’s next move, at the same time as keeping a watchful eye on the ball which requires spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision.

4get-me-not Alzheimer’s in collaboration with Novo Cinema and German Neuroscience Centre will host the Spin & Drive for Brain Health on 05th June 2015, 10am – 7pm at Novo Cineplex Cinema. This CSR initiative is the first (and only) Table Tennis tournament dedicated to raise awareness on Alzheimer’s in Dubai, UAE.

Players of all ages most especially the young at heart are invited to play and win fantastic prizes. Registration details to be announced soon at www.4get-me-not.org or contact Lester Jonson at + 971 503 791 51 2

About 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s: 4get-me-not is a non-profit organization (and part of Deja Vu FZE) raising awareness on Alzheimer’s disease in the UAE since 2012. Having produced a series of community events in hospitals; schools and shopping malls, 4get-me-not initiatives and strong volunteer support bring energy and spark inspiration to a thorny medical issue that face social stigma in the region. The Founder, Desiree O. Vlekken won Humanitarian of the Year in 2015 by the WOW Middle East Awards

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