Spanish car company HURTAN makes its debut in the United Arab Emirates thanks to UNIQUE CARS

  • The Granada-based Spanish company has launched a special edition inspired by the Arab legacy of Al-Andalus.
  • The official unveiling of this special edition will take place on April 30 in Dubai.  

Dubai: The Spanish manufacturer’s arrival in the United Arab Emirates is imminent. On April 30, a unique event will take place, bringing together the Arab country’s motoring enthusiasts at an exclusive space in Dubai dedicated to luxury cars, The Space.

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The launch of HURTAN in the United Arab Emirates is the latest step in the expansion strategy announced by the brand a few months ago, which aims to introduce the Granadan atelier to new markets. At the helm of UNIQUE CARS is José María Gómez Rojo, the company’s General Manager, a Spanish businessman living in the United Arab Emirates.
UAE Special Edition
To celebrate their arrival in the UAE, HURTAN has launched a special edition of their successful New Grand Albaycin two-seater roadster, a model that has established them as a benchmark for excellence in the manufacturing and bodywork of high-end customised cars – each car is unique – with retro design and state-of-the-art technology.
For their special UAE edition, the brand has incorporated details inspired by the Arab heritage of Al-Andalus: inlaid trim on the doors, a nameplate with the model name in Arabic calligraphy, the Emirates flag and double braided stitching on the upholstery. This attention to detail in the interior is perfectly complemented by a combination of metallic blues on the bodywork, inspired by the colours of the sky and sea, making it a truly special car, ready for its official unveiling in the Arabian country.
UNIQUE CARS is very optimistic about the Spanish company’s expansion into this new market: “Hurtan Grand Albaycin is unique, both for collectors and for anybody looking for refinement, cachet and a thrilling driving experience. We have chosen the UAE, and specifically Dubai, for our launch in the Persian Gulf, where we believe it will be very well received, in keeping with the positive energy of its citizens. We have very high expectations. This is a country with excellent roads, where the car is the main mode of transport and where there is a passion for beautiful cars like these on the road. Nobody in this area has a Grand Albaycin in their garage, let alone one with a UAE-exclusive finish. We hope to reach a sophisticated, elegant clientele with very discerning taste and a passion for retro style, who are looking for reliability and the latest technology, and who love to drive. To present the brand we are going to hold a very special event on April 30 at The Space”.
Hurtan’s arrival in the United Arab Emirates is part of the Granada-based brand’s strategic international expansion plan, and the company will soon be announcing agreements with other markets in different parts of the world, while remaining open to new distribution proposals. Regarding their arrival in the Emirates, Juan Ignacio Hurtado, head of Hurtan, said:  “We know that the Arab customer appreciates the customization and originality of our cars. We have had a lot of fun making this special edition for the Emirates, incorporating some very unique details. We are also very happy to start this new adventure with Unique Cars, who have shown great enthusiasm for our cars from the very beginning. We are very excited to have new companions on board to join us on our journey of international expansion.

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