Simple, elegant and functional shampoos and conditioners from celebrity favourite SachaJuan

Your hair is the most important accessory you wear, so it’s important to keep it looking and feeling healthy and strong. So, whether you’re a dry haired, colour haired or a good ol’ normal haired girl (or guy!) the products you use on your hair are an important part of your daily routine.

As smooth and shiny as the sea on a summer’s day; that’s how your hair feels when you use the products from this Swedish celebrity hairdressing duo, SachaJuan. The ‘secret’ of their success? Ocean Silk Technology, a process where valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae are used to create formulas that give your hair maximum shine, volume, stability and elasticity.

It’s only natural that products that leave your hair looking great, look great themselves. SachaJuan’s minimalist packaging design reflects the elegance of their salon to a tee by combining the brown glass bottles of traditional medicine with simple white labelling to create a clean look.

SachaJuan’s essence is to make haircare uncomplicated. The founders want their products to be easy for consumers to use. The simplistic and minimal packaging is a direct correlation about how they feel about styling hair. Hair should be beautiful and the beauty of SachaJuan is that it makes everyone’s hair life easier.


Normal Hair Shampoo – AED 115
Everyday gentle cleansing shampoo for normal hair. Stimulates hair and scalp with ocean silk technology for a healthy look. Increases volume and shine leaving hair with bounce and in optimal condition.

Normal Hair Conditioner – AED 130
This conditioner with ocean silk technology provides superior conditioning and detangling. The formula makes hair supple and strong with a silky shine.

Colour Save Shampoo – AED 115
A special formula based on ocean silk technology that provides healthy sheen and extra body while providing long lasting protection for colour treated hair.

Colour Save Conditioner – AED 130
Protects colour treated hair with a UV-Protectant, Superior conditioning and detangling leaves hair supple and strong with added bounce and shine.

Volume Shampoo – AED 115
Creates structure for fine and sensitive hair. The well balanced formula with ocean silk technology rebuilds the hair fibre and promotes shine, stability and volume.

Volume Conditioner – AED 130
This conditioner gives structure, life and volume for fine and sensitive hair leaving you with a nice bounce.

Dry Hair Shampoo – AED 115
Super moisturising for treated and dry hair. Repairs and de-frizzes hair while leaving it healthy and manageable.

Dry Hair Conditioner – AED 130
Provides extreme conditioning and detangling. The formula repairs and de-frizzes your hair leaving it shiny and healthy.

Scalp Shampoo – AED 115
Special shampoo with piroctone olamine and climbazole that removes dry dandruff and soothes an irritated scalp. Rosmary oil, menthol, salycilic acid and ginger extract soothes irritated, rubescent scalp and maintains healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp. Leaves hair clean and fresh.

Intensive Repair Shampoo – AED 145
Ideal for hair that is damaged, porous, dry or is exposed to the sun. Ocean silk technology combined with the UV Protectants penetrate the follicle and remain after rinsing to provide maximum protection and intensive care.

Intensive Repair Conditioner – AED 150
Intensive repair conditioner nourishes and treats hair that is damaged, porous, dry or is exposed to the sun.

Silver Shampoo – AED 145
Silver shampoo that adds pigments to the hair which counteracts and neutralises yellow/golden tones. The pigments add volume and new luster to the hair. Contains UV-Protection. Ocean silk technology hydrates, increases shine and gives stability.

Silver Conditioner – AED 150
Silver conditioner that adds pigments to the hair which counteracts and neutralises yellow/golden tones. Hydrates, increases shine and gives stability.

SACHAJUAN products are available from Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and Plethora HairLab. For more information please visit

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