Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Hosts Two-Day Workshop to Provide Training for Emirati Women Leaders

female leadershipAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 15 April, 2015

Senior female staff at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), managed by Cleveland Clinic, were the first attendees to benefit from leadership training delivered by newly-established consultancy group 3S, founded by Her Highness Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.

Senior medical and administrative female staff completed a two-day workshop, ‘Mastering Strategic Leadership,’ held in Abu Dhabi, which focused on leadership by examining SKMC’s strategy, mission, vision, goals, structure, culture, internal systems and processes. The sessions were aimed at developing staff in senior management positions and improving their leadership effectiveness. The participants were provided with the tools and practical skills to sustain staff development and growth within the hospital team environment.

3S provides training that builds competencies to better address the increasingly complex challenges facing organizations today, with courses and workshops focused on building client capabilities to strategically manage and lead the change required to meet and exceed stakeholder targets. Founder and CEO of 3S, HH Sheikha Shamma works closely with Dr Laura L. Matherly, Associate Professor at Zayed University, College of Business, to design and deliver workshops that will impart evidence-based leadership tools to help organizations transform and become more effective, sustainable industry leaders.

“World class performance excellence requires that leaders have the quantitative skills to know how to measure what is important – the evidence – and the leadership skills to inspire others to continuously improve performance to meet and exceed customer expectations,” Dr Matherly said.

Her Highness actively participated with SKMC staff during the two-day workshop. The training adopts a holistic approach, using traditional techniques of leadership training, while incorporating activities to foster balance and a healthy approach to life, both inside and outside the workplace. In addition, evidence-based leadership required participants to proactively identify and analyse problems, close performance gaps and implement best practices.

Her Highness delivered the final modules of the workshop, focusing on thinking outside the box; to the amusement of the attendees HH Sheikha Shamma opened her session wearing two different shoes. This simple, yet effective and resourceful technique was to demonstrate, that, as a leader you should not be afraid to step out of the ‘norm’, make a change and lead by example.

Mariam Al Zaabi, Human Resource Director at SKMC, said: “I would like to extend my gratitude to Her Highness Sheikha Shamma for her focus on developing UAE female leaders through such leadership training, like wearing two different shoes. She was confident to deliver the training; as she said “as long as it’s functioning, I am fine”. It’s a memorable experience and definitely we will share it with our colleagues and out teams. Starting the training with meditation and walking was also great. Most of us have changed our routine by starting our days with some walking.”

Salama Al Haj, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Operations, said: “The words of motivation which come from H.H Sheikha Shamma are sources of strength too. They reinforce our faith in ourselves and enable us to perform better as Emirati women leaders. The excellent training provided by 3S to the SKMC leadership team was engaging, motivating and it focused on different dimensions which is very inspiring, as is the spiritual influence. It makes such a difference to me – and I’m sure to many other leaders out here working toward excellence.”

Ms. Safa Mustafah, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, said: “I really appreciate the time and effort put together to enhance and improve female leadership skills. The Sustainable Strategic Solution workshop was an excellent choice. We were honoured and it was our pleasure to meet HH Sheikha Shamma, it was a nice experience and a different approach by her as a Chief Executive Officer to be present and visible. She was humble, respectful and gentle.”

Fatima Al Hammadi, Acting Training and Career Development Manager, said: “It is expected that UAE nationals and residents cooperate to build a future that is more prosperous, more just, and more secure to initiate a new era of economic, social and environmental growths to sustain and expand the natural and man-made resource base. Her Highness Sheikha Shamma held a workshop to offer the tools and techniques to women in management in sustaining the organizational growth. In order to achieve this, the course offered the methods to design new approaches to manage economic and environmental resources and to sustaining human development. The course inspired women to play a greater part in building a sustainable society to consistently enhance economic growth, social growth and environmental growth for the present and future generation of the UAE.”

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