Sakina Shbib projects her sales to grow by 30 percent every year

After gaining a comfortable foothold in the French market High fashion label Sakina Paris has projected her sales to grow by 30 percent every year.

It can be seen that a large part of the multibillion dollar Middle East fashion market is dominated by the international brands mostly from the countries like USA, UK, France and Italy. The new completion comes from German, Spanish, Swiss, Belgian, Japanese, Hong Kong and Indian brands.

Sakina Paris who has launched her first ready to wear fall winter 2019-2020 at the ongoing Paris Fashion Week will be retailing her collection from some major stores in the UAE. Her clients can also book this exclusive collection on line.

The label which is headquartered in the fashion capital of the world Paris has draped many clients not only in France but also worldwide. Many celebrities have walked down the red carpet wearing Sakina’s creations some of which include: French actress Adeline D’Hermy, who is the winner of the Prix Romy Schneider, was seen wearing a Sakina Paris custom dress and bag for the award ceremony – June 2018.  French – Argentinian actor Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, who is the winner of the Prix Patrick Dewaere, was wearing a Sakina Paris custom case, for the award ceremony – June 2018. French actress Hafsia Herzi sashayed down the red carpet during the red carpet during the 70th closing ceremony of Cannes Film Festival in May 2017.

Speaking about her Middle East expansion Sakina Shbib enthused, “The Fashion Business is evolving at a quick pace. My clients are from diverse countries like Saudi Arabia which accounts for over 40 percent of all my sales, followed by France which accounts for 30 percent which are followed by Lebanon 15 percent and UAE which accounts for 10 percent.”

About the Designer

Former student from L’École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisenne, Sakina first built her technique at Chanel atelier as a seamstress, where she learnt the art of embroidery, the rigor of Haute Couture and the demand of an elite clientele.

Then, she met fashion designer Alexandre Vauthier in 2013 and started a year of collaboration: she learnt draping and the structure of women garments. Afterwards, she entered Givenchy atelier as a pattern- maker for the ready-to-wear collections.

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