ROMESK, New Incense launch by LOOTAH

14th November 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

romesk-by-lootahCommemorating its position as a leading perfumery house in the UAE, LOOTAH adds another extraordinary fragrance to its exquisite collection, with the launch of its new Incense, ROMESK.

In ROMESK, a welcoming scent of pomegranate sweetens the air with a bitter-sweet fruity mist, which flows down to the deep, herby essence of henna. The base note of bold, yet warm Musk holds and builds the entire fragrance.

It’s a fragrance that refreshes with a fruity blush, recalling the brightness of sunlight, dispelling the summer heat and welcoming winter with a gush of sweet-tangy swirl, celebrating the beautiful journey called ‘Life’. Fill each second with the inspiring and all-encompassing scent of affection and positivity, as one heads toward new beginnings with a fresh and gallant spirit.

LOOTAH is renowned for creating spectacular fragrances that speak of Middle Eastern heritage in the present day and time. A perfect blend of the old and the new, which merge to create unbelievable fragrances that, define.   

Price: 350 AED

A connoisseur of the finest fragrances, LOOTAH is a leading perfumery giant in the UAE. Drawing inspiration from the abundant life, echoing delicate grandeur that surrounds, LOOTAH has been creating remarkable fragrances since 1950’s. They are the creators of the most decadent Oriental and French perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud and luxury perfumed blended oils and the finest agarwood curated and harnessed to their finest fragrance, which enchants senses, travelling across and beyond Emirate’s nest.

A family’s passion inherited from grandfather, Saleh Bin Nasser Bin Lootah, deep-rooted in the wealth of perfume and incense knowledge passed down from generations of skilled perfumers.

  • LOOTAH: Mall of the Emirates, Ground Level | Dubai, UAE
  • LOOTAH: City Centre Mirdif, Ground Level | Dubai UAE
  • LOOTAH: City Centre Deira, First Level | Dubai, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Dubai Festival City Mall, Ground Level | Dubai, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Jumeirah Centre, Ground Level | Dubai, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Etihad Mall, Ground Level | Dubai, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Al Wahda Mall, Ground Level | Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Abu Dhabi Mall, First Level | Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Ground Level | Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • LOOTAH: Al Jimi Mall, Ground Level | Al Ain, UAE
  • Salam stores: WAFI Mall | Dubai, UAE
  • Salam stores: Al Ain Mall | Abu Dhabi, UAE

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