Right Bite marks Ramadan by supporting the empowerment of ‘people of determination’


Ramadan meal plan customers to receive gifts made by Enable’s young special Emirati entrepreneurs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; May 29, 2017: This holy month, Right Bite is bringing a little more Ramadan cheer into the lives of people of determination.

Right Bite, in partnership with the Dubai-based social enterprise Enable, is adding a charitable twist to its Ramadan meal plan offering by gifting each customer with a beautiful indoor plant arrangement made by Enable’s special talents. Enable empowers people of determination by nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit through a range of quality home and garden products. The group help their special talents acquire retail skills – from product concept to assembly to merchandise to sales – with the end goal of enabling them to start their own retail units and therefore achieve financial sustainability.


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has encouraged the public to address people with disabilities in a more positive way by calling them people of determination in recognition of their strong will to conquer challenges and difficulties in pursuit of their goals.

Right Bite ordered custom-designed cactus and succulent arrangements from Enable for its Ramadan initiative this year. This will help boost Enable’s work in the sense that 85% of the revenue goes to the organization to help them create more job opportunities for their employees; at the same time, this will directly benefit the special talents themselves as 15% of the revenue will go back to them to further empower his/her ability.

Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services L.L.C., said, “Gifts with a social conscience make wonderful presents. That is why we are proud of our special Ramadan Package this year that comes with a unique gift from equally unique talents. We are very happy to have the chance to partner with Enable and support their efforts of helping people of determination become productive members of the society. This is also our own small way of responding to the call of Sheikh Mohammed to make Dubai a more inclusive society. We at Right Bite don’t see this as a one-time do-good act; we are supporting a sustainable cause that will improve the lives of the many for the long-term. It’s heartwarming to hear stories about people with special needs leading better lives and creating better communities because they are able to stand on their own.”

Right Bite’s Ramadan meal plan is designed to provide clients better health and more energy during a full month’s fast. An exclusive customized package, the Ramadan meal plan includes a complete Iftar set of dried fruits, beverage, soup, side dish, main dish and dessert, along with a Suhour meal consisting of beverage, fruit and main entrée. The meals are perfectly-portioned and calorie-counted based on each person’s dietary needs. Customers can order the FULL Ramadan package with the Iftar and Suhour sets, or they can opt to subscribe for the Iftar meal plan only.

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