RAR 9459 Adds a Dangerously Edgy Note to Rumz Al Rasasi Family

111Dubai, UAE, November 23rd, 2016: Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading names in the regional perfume industry, have launched their all-new offering of male and female fragrances – the 9459 edition, which resides in the Rumz Al Rasasi family. Rumz Al Rasasi is a trilogy which celebrates the quest for a unique identity. Drawing inspiration from the animal world and how the same has found way into fashion, the series impersonates the spirit of zebra, leopard and alligator to deliver a unique perfume personality.

Commenting on the latest addition, Salim Kalsekar, Managing Director at Rasasi Perfumes, said: “Rumz Al Rasasi series celebrates youth, freedom, and the choice to be unique. The 9459 edition makes a move from the fresh to the edgy epitomising the similar aspects of today’s youth.  The freshness of the Rumz Al Rasasi series represents a freshness of ideas, aspirations and motivations of modern yopung men and women.”

Salim added: “The 9459 edition is anticipated to be popular with a young audience who have already proved to be enthusiastic about the Rumz Al Rasasi collection. The inspiration for this series is rooted in the trends that comprehend the behaviour and fashion choices of today’s urban youth.”

The Rumz Al Rasasi 9459, inspired by the unique personality of the alligator, in continuation with the earlier parallels with zebra and leopard, reflects the energy and intrigue of this species.  Both the man and woman fragrances embody contrasting notes, starting from fresh, journeying into the darkly intense. The 9459 persona is unique, striking yet mysterious and intense with a smouldering dark and unpredictable sensuality that amplifies its allure.

Impersonating the intrigue, mystery, power and energy of the male reptile species, Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 Pour Lui, is a fragrance that celebrates strength and charm in a rather dangerously edgy and disarming way.  A modern, masculine and sensual scent, offering an infusion of white musk and woods, fresh and aromatic notes, Rumz 9459 is for a man who is born a seductor.

The sparkling fresh melange of appetising opening notes  along with a surprisingly soft floral heart are a an inviting prelude to the dark, mysterious, layered, smoky and dangerously seductive drydown manifested by musk infused dry woods warmed by earthly amber and sweetened by tonka beans

Like the female of the of the reptile species, Rumz Al Rasasi 9459, Pour Elle is a frangrance of dark enigma, passion and lethal charm. The perfume starts on inviting fresh, innocent and sparkling notes of bergamot, mandarin and lily of the valley and meanders into the warm ambery waves seduced by the sweet, dark, earthy and rather woody edge of the exotic patchouli ultimately cascading into the darker depths of intoxicating oriental woods that evoke passion.

Priced at AED 100, the 9459 edition provides a refined fragrance that exceeds the expectations of Rasasi’s customers.

With almost four decades of experience in blending scents that celebrate the rich tapestry of the Middle East and GCC, Rasasi prides itself on having an unrivalled knowledge of the finest traditions of Oriental perfumery.

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