Quality Sleep Necessary for Men’s Health

Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care CentreUAE, May 24th 2015: Studies around the world have revealed that men who have poor sleep patterns or inadequate sleep tend to have significantly lower levels of testosterone, which in turn causes reduced libido and a lack of sex drive. Other symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, decrease in bone mass, increase in body fat and mood changes

Research studies have shown that men who sleep for less than four hours a night suffer from a low level of testosterone and reduced libido. Low testosterone and libido levels are associated with reduced robustness and energetic vigour, and that tends to happen as a result of frugal sleep.  In a study comparing individuals sleeping 4 hours with those sleeping 8 hours, blood testosterone level was nearly half in those who were sleeping 4 hours compare to those who were sleeping 8 hours.  Testosterone hormone secretion in men is closely related to quality and quality of sleep. Poor quality of sleep, such as in severe obstructive sleep apnoea, can also negatively impact human testosterone level and libido.

The bottom line is to get adequate sleep. For an average healthy adult, a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep is absolutely necessary. There is absolutely no replacement for lost sleep. People may rely on temporary artificial means to relieve their fatigue caused by lack of sleep – such as caffeine and other stimulants. However, these are no solutions, and cannot help your body recover from a state of fatigue. The only solution is to make sure that you get adequate sleep.

Sometimes, one is obligated by work or custom to remain awake until the early hours of the morning. One cannot necessarily work against these obligations, but the solution is to catch up on sleep in other parts of the day so that the body gets enough rest.

For those suffering from these issues relating to sleep, there are a range of treatment options at our facility. The state-of-the-art sleep disorders diagnostics laboratory employs latest technology. We follow the procedural standards of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our staff comprises experienced American Board certified physicians and certified sleep technologists, along with experienced respiratory technicians and therapists for patients with respiratory disorders.

When a patient comes to the Linde Sleep and Respiratory Care Centre complaining of not getting a proper night’s sleep, they can take advantage of our complete respiratory care program and finally start getting the rest they deserve.

Dr. Imtiaz Khurshid is the Medical Director at Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre. He is based   in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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