Product Review – Dabur Herb’l Neem Mouthwash

herbalDubai, UAE – 14 August, 2016 – Parts of the neem tree have been used by people from India for centuries as part of dental hygiene, with the branches still prevalently used today in many villages as a toothbrush. It is indeed obvious that Dabur International has introduced a mouthwash formulated with neem extracts. This is an extension to the Dabur Herbal Neem Toothpaste that is already part of its existing toothpaste portfolio. Dabur has been known for its use of natural herbal extracts in most of its products, including its range of oral care products.

When chewed raw, neem leaves diffuse a bitter taste around the mouth and are also known in the subcontinent for purifying impurities in the blood which are often visible in common skin problems such as pimples and acne. It is perhaps the bitterness which works wonders in eliminating the unwanted bacteria in the skin.

Dabur Herb’l Neem toothpaste is effective for gum care and feels refreshing because it has a unique natural flavor. It is free from fluoride and other harmful chemicals and hence is safe for children to use it. Excess use of fluorides is not good for the teeth and gums in the long run and can cause various dental problems including fluorosis.

So a fluoride-free mouthwash with neem extracts that is also alcohol-free is a happy addition to anyone’s daily dental regimen. It comes in a 250 ml size at a very affordable price and is very economical to use with only 1 tbsp of the solution needed to have that fresh breath feeling. Gums also look and feel healthy. It has antibacterial properties of neem that bring this effect to the mouth. And the best thing about this product is it has a refreshing taste., making for a really ideal mouthwash.

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