Product Placement – Vatika Brilliantine Hair Cream

Vatika Brilliantine Hair CreamDubai – December 15, 2015:Gone are the days when good grooming for men meant only a barber cut, a shave, and clean clothes. Today, it requires much more than the basics to look presentable and create a lasting impression on others. The art of personal care is becoming a daily routine for men to enhance their appearance and personality, with hair grooming as an integral part.

The male grooming industry has evolved from just razors, shaving creams, after shave lotions, and deodorants to specialized products for hair, skin and body. One of the most important products for hair care is a styling cream which enables men to create various looks. Realizing the need for a hair cream for men that not only imparts unique styles but also keeps hair intact all day long, Vatika has introduced Vatika Brilliantine Shine Styling Hair Cream. It is a perfect hair grooming product for energetic, young professionals wanting a confident, business-ready look without making hair sticky and greasy. It is the new age in male grooming. With an attractive and modern packaging it is the perfect solution for men; for well groomed hair that shine with health.

A special concoction of three light oils, including Olive, Coconut and Almond, Vatika Brilliantine Shine Styling Hair Cream is best to style and manage hair and give them abundant shine all through the day. The time-tested natural ingredients offer nourishment, strength and density to hair while keeping them well groomed. Olive nourishes hair from root to tip, while coconut penetrates deep into the hair shaft to make strands thick and strong, and sweet almond’s strengthening properties make hair soft, well groomed and shiny.

Vatika Brilliantine Shine Styling Hair Cream is perfect for hair styling and can be used on a regular basis for well groomed hair. The product is easily available in the UAE market in size of 210 ml for AED 10.50.

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