Prime Hospital ends 2014 with landmark achievements

Dubai, UAE (21st January, 2015):Emirati surgeon, Dr. Alya Al Mazrouei along with Dr. Faisal Badri, Consultant Bariatric and General Surgeon at Prime Hospital successfully performed their first bariatric surgery. The surgery was performed on a twenty-seven years old Emirati, who weighed 110 kilos with a BMI of 47.

The patient was put on a strict diet for a week prior to the operation to reduce the fat content around the liver so as to lower the risk of operation. Surgery was carried out after five kilos weight was lost. Post operation, the patient was kept under observation for a day. 75 per cent of the patient’s stomach was removed. Around 40 to 70 per cent excess weight is expected to be lost post this operation.

Dr. Vinod Singhal, Chairman of Surgery Department of Prime Hospital, who was present during the surgery stated: “The dissection was very clean, precise and meticulously done. It was a delight to watch the performance of these two renowned doctors, who were able to carry out the surgery in less than an hour”.

December 2014 has been a month of achievements and accomplishments. Clinically, it has been a very exciting month for Prime Hospital where many milestones were achieved. Cardiologists effectively conducted the first three coronary angioplasties. Obstetrics and Gynecology department removed large Myoma from a thirty five year old patient, saving her uterus.

Also, the ophthalmologists at Prime Hospital performed a Pterygium excision with conjunctival autograft – the latest technique available to get rid of pterygiums with minimal incidence of recurrence. Orthopedicians performed an advanced ceramic cement less total hip replacement on a thirty eight year old man who was suffering from hip joint pain due to Osteonecrosis. For the first time in Prime Hospital, an Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction was conducted. Within the same division, first Arthroscopic Reconstruction Knee Ligaments was successfully done on a thirty two years old man with grade three knee dislocation.

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