Prime Hospital and prime medical centers to launch UAE-wide cervical cancer awareness campaign to promote women’s health

Prime Hospital, a leading healthcare provider in the UAE, along with other prime medical centers across the country, will hold a nationwide cervical cancer awareness campaign as part of the activities for International Cervical Health Awareness Month. The campaign, which will run until then end of the month, aims to increase awareness about cervical cancer as well as promote women’s health and reduce deaths from the highly curable disease in the UAE.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common gynecologic diseases affecting women’s reproductive organ along with ovarian, uterine, vaginal, vulvar, and the very rare fallopian tube cancers.  The rate of cervical cancer infection in the UAE is 7.4 per 100,000 women from ages 35 to 55. Survival rate is more than 92 per cent if diagnosed and treated early.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director, Prime Healthcare Group, said: “Cervical cancer is the easiest gynecologic cancer to prevent through regular screening tests and follow-up. Unfortunately, many still succumb to the disease because it is discovered at the late stage. We hope to significantly reduce the mortality rate in the UAE by spreading public awareness, especially among women, on the importance of regular check-ups and early detection in our bid to help protect themselves from this type of illness.”

“Theawareness campaign will focus on various areas so we can educate women on who are at risk. We will discuss when they should undergo cervical cancer test and what raises women’s chance of acquiring the disease. Our teams will also give them expert advice on how to prevent cervical cancer and the next steps to take if they are diagnosed. We invite the public to take part in our campaign as we look forward to helping them achieve good health,” Dr. Ahmed.

As part of the campaign, free health check-ups, gynecology consultations, and Pap smear tests will be extended to all registered individuals. A 15 per cent discount on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines will also be available for those who are interested to avail of this service. For registration, visit

HPV, the main cause of cervical cancer, is a common virus that is passed from one person to another during sexual intercourse. Usually HPV will go away on its own, but if it does not, it may cause cervical cancer over time. At least half of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives, but few women will get cervical cancer.

Early on, cervical cancer may not cause signs and symptoms. Advanced cervical cancer may cause abnormal bleeding or discharge from the vagina such as bleeding after sexual intercourse. Pap smear and HPV tests can either help prevent cervical cancer or find it early.

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