Prime Healthcare Group launches ‘My Prime’ loyalty program

prima healthcareUAE, April 17, 2016 – According to a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), men in the UAE have a life expectancy of 76 years while women live up to 78 years. However, the country currently faces the challenges of a modern and affluent society, with its population under high risk of developing chronic and lifestyle disorders such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cancer and mental illness are the other two of the five common health problems the UAE is grappling with. Nearly 70 per cent of its male population and 67 per cent of females above the age of 15 are overweight because of a sedentary lifestyle and high intake of calorie-rich food, which may lead to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

The UAE’s sophisticated healthcare system, which includes several private operators such as Prime Healthcare Group, one of the UAE’s leading healthcare service providers, efficiently and effectively addresses the growing medical needs of its people. In line with its efforts to offer a personalised service to its patients, Prime Healthcare Group has announced the launch of a unique loyalty program – ‘My Prime’ – offering personalised service to its patients. The newly-unveiled initiative, which aims to enhance patients’ lives by providing them with a hassle-free, 24-hour service that connects them swiftly to their doctor, will benefit their loyal patients.

‘My Prime,’ a highly innovative initiative by Prime Healthcare Group, assigns a dedicated Patient Relationship Officer to assist patients during their visit to medical centres as well as offers additional services such as interactive morning coffee sessions on patient education. The service will also be beneficial for the enrolled patients, as they can receive personalised medical advice from doctors 24/7 remotely by phone or video. Aside from on-site and remote services, the program extends homecare service for collection of blood and other samples and change of wound dressing, among others. Additionally, ‘My Prime’ offers a wide range of free medical services, including Annual Health Check-ups, Seasonal Vaccinations, and Diet Consultations.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director, Prime Healthcare Group, said: “With the surge in lifestyle diseases in the UAE, the challenges in providing state-of-the-art medical services also increases and it becomes a huge responsibility of healthcare providers to ensure that proper care is administered to the patients to ease their pain and sufferings. In continuation of its commitment to introduce innovative and personalised models in healthcare that ensure maximum patient comfort and convenience, Prime Healthcare Group has introduced the ‘My Prime’ loyalty program.”

“This interactive initiative is designed to enable patients and their families to access the safest, effective and compassionate care and attention they deserve. The service is similar to having a personal family doctor who one trusts completely for medical guidance, counselling and treatment regardless of the medical condition or the healthcare facility. ‘My Prime’ enables our patients to remotely approach their doctor round-the-clock should there be a complication or emergency back home. They can also avail of this service during their visit to any of our medical centres where a dedicated Patient Relationship Officer will be present to assist them.” 

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