Pilates Academy Opens its First Studio in Dubai

On the 1st of September 2015 Pilates Academy is opening in Dubai.Pilates Academy is both a Studio and a School. The Studio is one of the very few in Dubai offering Full Pilates Equipment courses and the first and only where you can experience Cardiolates® classes in the Middle East.

As part of the Pilates Academy International (P.A.I.) School of New York, Pilates Academy also offers Comprehensive Pilates Professional Training and Workshops, and is the first and only Cardiolates® School in the Arab countries.


Pilates Academy brings to Dubai a new and exclusive concept of Pilates Studio, not just thanks to the relaxing “garden atmosphere” of its suite on the 42nd floor, but mainly because of the quality of its training. Exercising at Pilates Academy doesn’t only mean efficient workout on the best American dedicated equipment, but also learning a full new discipline and its principles, experiencing the tailored attention of a professional and qualified trainer, and walking out knowing how to take care of one’s own body.

No more packed rooms with no space to move inside. At Pilates Academy every session is specifically adapted to the body of the client, so no more than 3 people can exercise together on the Pilates Equipment, while for Matwork and Cardiolates® classes no more that 5 people are accepted at once.


Pilates Academy also provides professional Nutritional Assistance to its customers, as dietary hygiene is a major component of health and wellbeing.

Dubai is full of yoga studios but the culture of pilates is not widely developed yet. The aim of Pilates Academy is to bring the very best of this amazing discipline to Dubai.

As “the center of now”, Dubai needs to host a place like Pilates Academy, which is bringing to town the American quality of comprehensive Pilates and Cardiolates® training and the Italian quality of service and training environment.
Our business objective is to develop health, teach body awareness, assist local sport professionals with a highly qualified physical training complement and the local orthopedic clinics with an internationally medically recognized post-rehabilitation service and support. Pilates Academy aims at bringing a new and different highly qualified training concept to the UAE.

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1984 from a French mother and Italian father, Cloè spent her early years experiencing any kind of sport activity until 1998, when she discovered Pilates and utterly fell in love with it.

Graduated as Food Scientist in Italy, in 2008 she left her home town to join the European Master Degree in Food Studies program and became a Scientific Researcher for the Food Industry. During this time, Cloè was practicing Pilates all over Europe.
In 2012 Cloè chose to turn her early passion not just into a way of life but also in her professional commitment. She became a Pilates Teacher at the CovaTech Pilates School in Milan, a Cardiolates® Teacher Trainer with Barbara Morini and, a short time later, P.A.I. Pilates and Cardiolates® Master Trainer at PilatesOnFifth in New York, with Katherine and Kimberly Corp.


Cloè has been passionately working in several renowned Pilates Centers and Rehabilitation Clinics in Milan, where she also opened her own Chloé Pilates Studio. In 2015 she decided to move to the UAE and commit herself to Pilates Academy.

Appreciated for her competent approach and coaching skills, Cloè combines her strong scientific background and lively personality to offer unique training and courses. She is proud to be the first Master Trainer bringing the Pilates Academy International School to the Arab countries.

Pilates Academy is a unique and independent Studio, but represents the Pilates Academy International (P.A.I.) School of New York in the Middle East and is a part of its worldwide academic network. All professional diplomas obtained at Pilates Academy are personally issued by Katherine and Kimberly Cork, the head of P.A.I. and owners of Pilates On Fifth in New York.
Pilates Academy is the first, only and exclusive authorized Cardiolates® School in the Middle East.
Our ambition is to become a reference for Pilates and Cardiolates® training, and develop a highly qualified professional network in the Middle East.

Pilates Matwork
Being alone with our own body is the best way to enhance our corporal awareness and perception, but also the hardest. During these on-floor training sessions, challenges do not only come from the progression of Matwork exercises, but also from using a set of Pilates props (balls, foam rollers, magic circles, weights, elastic bands and other accessories) that produce a fun and varied workout.

Pilates Equipment
You haven’t experienced all about Pilates if you have never trained on its dedicated equipment. Specifically conceived and designed by Joseph Pilates, the Universal Reformer, Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Chair, Ladder Barrel and Step Barrel really mean a difference. At Pilates Academy you can find the whole brand-new set of equipment, manufactured in the US by Balanced Body, the world’s leading provider of safe and high-quality Pilates apparatus.

Cardiolates® is an exciting exercise program which combines the cardio- vascular and physiological benefits of Rebounding with the core strengthening and alignment principles of Pilates.

This Cardio-Pilates experience brings fat-burning and upright alignment training to your Pilates classes, together with a lot of FUN! All our Cardiolates® Classes are performed on bellicon® dynamic trampolines: the world’s premier quality rebounder, directly from Germany.


Describing all the benefits of Pilates and Cardiolates® would require an entire book. One thing is certain: Pilates can truly make a change in your life.
-Pilates is a healthy practice, as its exercises are based on the anatomical and biomechanical principles of the human body: it increases your physical awareness and balance, redesign your body shape thanks to its unique dynamic stretching workout, makes you stronger and more flexible at the same time, increases your stability and improves your posture, corrects your physical unbalances, rehabilitates you after accidents or surgeries, teaches you how to avoid bad exercise and prevent injuries, and helps you to relax.

-Cardiolates® is a lot of fun! This complete aerobic “cellular” exercise improves your upright alignment and core strength, brings all the benefits of a cardio workout to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, makes you burn more than running (enhancing your metabolism) while avoiding 90% of the impact on the joints and spine, boosts your immune system and highly increases the lymphatic circulation. Balance and coordination increase with Cardiolates® training as well.

Pilates and Cardiolates® are for everybody, with no limits of age (from 14 to 100 years old).
The training has to be tailored according to the needs of the client, and can vary from very soft to pretty extreme.
Pilates is not just for women: most men get incredibly challenged by Pilates exercises, both from a strength and a flexibility perspective.
Pilates Academy offers rehabilitation sessions after injuries, accidents or orthopedic treatments, as well as Post-Partum programs targeting the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

Pilates Academy also provides corporate postural programs and physical education for teenagers. Classes can be done in English, French and Italian.
The studio is open to both men and women. We might have exclusive access for men or ladies upon request.

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