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August 25, 2015, Dubai, UAE: If you’ve been struggling to keep clutter at bay and looking to organize your home or office space then, Clas Ohlson has got you covered! This month, it’s all about home organisation with Clas Ohlson’s wide range of smart products and practical solutions.


The key to de-cluttering is not about having a place for everything, but actually putting everything in its place. Everyone has its struggles with clutter -whether it’s stacks of papers or overstuffed wardrobes. Get organized with Clas Ohlson’s storage solutions for everything including papers, spices, books, toys, hardware tools, clothing, accessories and more.

The living room, bedroom room or garage has a lot of different uses, which makes it difficult to keep these areas organized. Versatile and available in diverse styles, shelving units and storage boxes can be the answer to a host of household clutter. Keep all the cords tidy in your living or workspace with a cable-tidy unit from our Smart Store range. Keep the floor space for furniture and hang 70’s inspired pendulum lamps and decorative bulbs from the ceiling to add drama and character. Install LED bulbs available at the store to save energy and money.

Start de-cluttering your space by storing things in specific products- Hand-woven baskets with handles for newspapers/ magazines, fabric laundry basket on wheels for dirty clothes, smart foldable crates for tools, plastic containers for toys and attractive wire baskets for paper. You can also find transparent plastic boxes with lids and insert trays in various sizes and colours, suitable for storing seasonal clothes and shoes, sports equipment, gardening & hardware tools and cleaning equipment. There are plenty of products at Clas Ohlson to make your wardrobe and drawers more streamlined and organized, and even make it seem bigger.  Capitalize on the floor space in your wardrobe by stacking shoe boxes; maximize the inside of the closet door by installing hooks and rails to hang costume jewelry, hats and bags.

The kitchen can be challenging to organize, there are so many things to keep and everyone loves their kitchen gadgets! Clustering basic implements and ingredients one regularly uses in cooking can make meal preparation quicker. Utilise the cabinet space with clip top glass jars for preserving your favourite homemade jams and jellies, tin containers for coffee and tea, transparent spice jars, oven safe food containers and leak-proof lunch boxes. To make the best use of your drawers, commit each drawer to one type of storage, and you may use the insert trays as partition from Clas Ohlson to keep things neat. When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply, but your kitchenware and supplies aren’t – wall storage can fill the gap. Create your own solution with rails, shelves and racks that make everything easier to grab and also a style statement.

Reassess your bathroom to make it look clean and tidy. Organise the bathing and hair care products in a wire or plastic wall shelving unit. You can select products that attach directly to the tile, either by using shelving hardware or with suction cups. Put together all the dental care products in sink caddy and hang towels on hooks or stash them in fabric bins.

Try these easy practical solutions and visit our store at Level 1, Mirdif City Centre Dubai to grab these smart products at affordable prices.

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