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Life & Wellness Co. is a medical tourism provider. We act as a bridge, bringing together clients and health care service providers. We have collaborated with reputed institutions in the Medical & Wellness industry. Our endeavor is to work towards providing our clients with options of destinations, hospitals, clinics and doctors. You now have the option to combine your medical or wellness sojourn with a family vacation.

Life & Wellness Co. (L&W) was established in April 2015. Part of the innovations group which has been present for over 20 years in the GCC region .With experience of over 20 years in the GCC region, South-east Asia and the Indian sub-continent that makes us a pioneer in cross cultural affiliations. Along with our plethora of knowledge & experience, we have tied-up with world-class health care & hospitality providers across these regions. We aim to provide healthcare services in various locations, enabling our clients to recuperate in a comfortable atmosphere. Through our on-ground affiliations with health care & other ancillary service providers, we make the experience of healthcare worth while in every destination.

We connect our clients with hospitals/wellness centers in locations such as India, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates which have the necessary certifications from their respective regulators such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) & the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, India (NABH). Our
clients are given options to choose specialists at their desired location. Thailand has made scientific advancements in anti aging treatments, and India has revived the ancient practice of Ayurveda to find cures for diseases that medicine has not. Dubai situated in the UAE is a growing health care destination with its prominent connectivity to more than a 120 countries. Needless to say, it’s has truly become a global hub and its future for medical tourism is inevitable. Clients from the developed countries are reaching out for medical assistance and treatment to hospitals, doctors, dentists, nursing services, alternative medical solutions ¬-reaching out for specialized and highly advanced medical treatments to the developed world . This has fuelled this global movement that has led to the growth of medical
tourism as an important and challenging independent vertical in the services industry.

Even though modern medicine is supplemented by cutting edge technology and new scientific inventions, with discoveries being made constantly, traditional alternative medicinal practices are still a priority in several parts of the world.

Medical tourism, along with good connectivity at affordable rates, has been instrumental in giving the choice of opting for alternative medicine to people across the globe and Life & Wellness is especially mindful of providing information and access to such alternative medical treatment to its clients.

Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore are the hub of medical tourism as well as international business centers. It has been observed that the rising costs of medical treatment and delayed access to diagnostics in the western countries are compelling people to rely on health tourism treatments as they look for treatment at reasonable costs.

Now, find the treatment that suits you the most, and get to the source. Your health & wellness is our priority. We have partnered with reputed travel agents to assist clients with visa & travel arrangements, who can arrange for an array of interesting packages such as sightseeing, wellness retreats etc. after completion of the prescribed medical procedures/treatments at the clients’ option. Furthermore, have collaborated with reputed hospitality providers including hotels, boutique hotels & service apartments so as to provide our clients with a variety of options as per their requirements from a quality & pecuniary perspective.


“Life & Wellness Co. helped me by making the travel arrangements incredibly fluid. From support with the visa application to introductions to practitioners, every detail came together in a perfect way. The result was greater than could ever be expected. One thing I liked was their continuity, consideration, and total caring that my experience would be positive and profound…which is was. I found the experience to be life-changing. Valuable healing and insight was created.” Danielle Lin, April 2015, travelled to India for treatment.

“This experience was truly life changing. If you had told me a year ago that I would go to India to get my health back I would have told you you were crazy. Now I am looking forward to getting my life back on track. I feel confident that I can manage and maintain my health based on the program these doctors set in motion for me. Since I’ve been home I’ve lost another 5 lbs. The response from other people has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.” Billy Sam, April 2015, travelled to India for treatment.


Kanchka Connie is the driving force behind Life & Wellness Co. She believes that amid cut-throat competition with everyone perpetually set on a fast forward mode, health takes a backseat. Though, what one must practice & aim to achieve is a balanced state of quality Life & Wellness. This has augmented the term Medical Tourism – which essentially explains that there is a trend towards globalization of healthcare and other medical services. Based in Dubai, UAE her past experience at IT Multinationals namely Microsoft & Lenovo, where she managed Sales at Distribution & Channel level for more than 6 years. She was inspired to take a leap and create a bridge for people to have a more global reach for health related matters rather than make decisions with none or few options.

Ashish Nanda is the founder & Managing Partner of Innovations Group, the parent company of Life & Wellness Co. He is a first generation entrepreneur with more than 12 years of banking experience with Citi Group & Emirates Bank in India and the UAE. He is the visionary behind the Innovations Group of Companies that expands its verticals to man power outsourcing, technology, eal estate & now healthcare.

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