Novartis and Emirates Dermatology Society Collaborate to Raise Awareness on Psoriasis and Prioritize Patient Care

  • Novartis and Emirates Dermatology Society join forces to empower patients
  • Collaboration reimagines Psoriasis understanding and treatment

Dubai, UAE: Novartis, a focused innovative medicines company, is proud to announce its partnership with the Emirates Dermatology Society in a ceremony that was held on May 31st at the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City. This event aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by individuals living with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, while highlighting the importance of disease management.

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As the Head of Gulf cluster at Novartis, Mohamed Ezz Eldin emphasized, “We are proud to partner with the Emirates Dermatology Society on this important awareness effort. While psoriasis may start with outward symptoms, its impact goes far beyond the skin. Through teamwork and open dialogue, we can revolutionize how this disease is perceived and prioritize patient care.”

“We are delighted to partner with Novartis in raising awareness about psoriasis and prioritizing patient care through our collaboration titled ‘Heads Up for Psoriasis,'” said Dr. Muna AlMurrawi, consultant dermatologist and the president of Emirates Dermatology Society. “By educating the public about the impact of psoriasis on patients’ daily lives, we hope to reduce stigma and improve understanding of this autoimmune disease. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower patients to seek the right management and support for managing their condition effectively.”

Psoriasis is a non-contagious condition characterized by the excessive production of skin cells, resulting in thick, scaly areas called plaques. Despite being frequently misunderstood as merely a cosmetic issue, this painful and itchy autoimmune disease significantly impacts patients’ quality of life. In fact, nearly 60 percent of psoriasis patients report that their disease is a major problem in everyday life, causing a decline in confidence and emotional well-being.

Fortunately, effective treatments exist to manage symptoms and achieve clear skin. However, addressing the stigmas associated with psoriasis and fostering a greater understanding of the disease requires a collaborative effort involving healthcare providers, patient organizations, and the broader community. The event hosted by Novartis sought to facilitate this collaboration and pave the way for reimagined psoriasis treatment.

At this event, Novartis proudly signed a Psoriasis Disease Awareness Collaboration with the Emirates Dermatology Society, titled “Heads Up for Psoriasis”. Distinguished healthcare practitioners, including Dr. Muna AlMurrawi, Dr. Ayman AlNaeem, Dr. Huda Rajab Ali, Dr. Fatima Albreiki, and Dr. Mohamed Ahmed, attended and showed their support.

This collaboration aims to intensify disease awareness, educate the public about psoriasis as a serious autoimmune condition, and empower patients to seek appropriate care. Novartis and the Emirates Dermatology Society are now working closely together to implement initiatives that support the psoriasis patient community of all age groups in the UAE.

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