Nikon celebrates “Lands & Tales” – An exclusive event dedicated to Travel Photography & Videography

Dubai, UAE, October 5, 2015 – Nikon Middle East & Africa FZE launched this year’s first ever travel photography & videography session on October 2nd showcasing two leading photographers, Subodh Shetty and Shinihas Aboo. Attended by over 400 guests, the travel photography story-telling session themed “Land & Tales” was set to transport you to a different world through the power of imagery. The initiative is part of Nikon’s continuing commitment to develop the photography and videography culture across the Middle East.

“We at Nikon not only seek to provide the best equipment, but also extend support through events such as “Land & Tales”, and the on-going Nikon School initiatives. The ultimate aim of our ‘Nikon Experience’ initiative is to provide platforms for the local community to meet and acquaint with professionals and exchange information and ideas in their endeavor to create high-quality, exciting content.” said Narendra Menon, Regional Head Sales and Marketing- Nikon Middle East FZE.


He added: “We see a lot of potential in the UAE market and along with our Nikon ambassadors, we are looking to nurture and support the talent of photographers in the country by showcasing best practice models and exhibitions.”

Subodh Shetty comments: “I’m thrilled by the response ‘Lands & Tales’ Travel Photography seminar by Nikon received. The real success of a brand is not only determined by the quality of their products but also by the means with which the brand connects to its customers. Attendees were welcomed to the event irrespective of their expertise in photography or the camera brand they use; it was simply an event that celebrated ‘Photography’ which i believe is in itself is a huge success. On behalf of Photowalk Dubai and the Ladakh team, I would like to yet again congratulate Nikon for tapping our shoulder and encouraging the community to move forward and shoot better.”

Renowned photographer/videographer & producer of the popular TV show Trafest, Shinihas Aboo, said: “We received a phenomenal attendance at the travel photography workshop which confirms the growing thirst for photography & videography in the region. I’m delighted to be a part of this initiative set up by Nikon in an effort to ignite freedom of expression, creativity, and passion through a click of a finger.”


The event featured talks by 9 budding photography personalities in UAE who shared for the first time their portfolio of work captured during the “Ladakh through my lens” adventure highlighting their breathtaking journey through the use of Nikon DSLR cameras, while Subodh & Shinihas discussed top travel photography & videography tips, which was much appreciated by the audience. Following the stellar line-up, guests were invited to an exhibition featuring stunning photographs from masters of the craft.

In addition to celebrating photo and travel, Nikon continues to offer courses in the UAE catering to photography enthusiasts of all levels, from absolute beginners to professionals, with all classes taught by Nikon-certified instructors. The Nikon School initiative is a series of educational photography classes that aim to enhance the creative and technical skills of photographers, and teach them how to make the most of their DSLR cameras.

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