New Generation Hydrabio: A Radiant Complexion and Unprecedented Sensory Appeal

New Generation Hydrabio17November 2015, UAE: In its commitment to address one of the most common skin conditions – dehydration, dermatological pioneer Laboratoire Bioderma has reinvented its revolutionary Hydrabio hydrating skincare range. Designed to alleviate dehydrated sensitive skin using a completely new formula, the latest five additions to the range –Hydrabio H2O, Hydrabio Sèrum, Hydrabio Gel-Crème, Hydrabio Crème, and Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30 – combine hydration, radiance and a sensory experience in a single, skin-safe product range.

Comprising 70 percent water, the skin is the first organ affected by a deficiency in the body’s water supply. Occurring for a number of reasons, skin dehydration and sensitivity is a result of environmental external factors such as pollution, UV rays, temperature variations and stress, coupled with increasingly urban lifestyles.  With increasing awareness on the essential need to skin properly moisturised to improve its everyday resistance, today more than one in two women worldwide uses a moisturiser daily. As well as hydrating properties, women are looking for instant yet long-lasting results: skin that feels comfortable, looks visibly smoother and plumped, and appears more radiant. Ultimately, radiance is an indicator of how healthy and resistant our skin is, day in, day out.

Faced with their frenetic pace of life, women are looking for a genuine sensorial experience to transform their daily care routine into a moment to cherish. It is by observing the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms, reinforced by advanced research that Laboratoire Bioderma is able to innovate and offer a new dimension to hydration. Because lack of water is often synonymous with a dull complexion and dehydration marks, Laboratoire Bioderma is creating excitement with the reinvention of HYDRABIO, its emblematic range of hydrating products. Stretching the limits of safe dermatological processes thanks to a completely new formula, Laboratoire Bioderma has an answer for women who are looking for an exceptional hydration, capable of quenching thirst and acting durably on skin’s radiance, while offering a new sensory appeal.


4 brand-new products with unprecedented formulas represent the rebirth of the Hydrabio range. The result: skin that is close to perfect.

New Generation Hydrabio 1

Bioderma offers a solution for dehydrated skin with its Hydrabio Aquagenium® signature patent, which stimulates the skin’s natural ability to rehydrate. Formulated as part of an intelligent emulsion that mimics the skin, Aquagenium® blends deeper into the skin and releases its moisturising agents. Vitamin PP strengthens skin resistance and impermeability, and the apple seed extract stimulates the activity of aquaporins, the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin. The Aquagenium® signature patent also improves skin radiance and feel through the action of texturising powders for a light, velvety finish, and activates cell renewal with the aid of a precise measure of salicylic acid.

Offering a new dimension in hydration, Bioderma introduces five new products to its Hydrabio range:

Hydrabio H2O

Part of the daily hygiene routine, this first and only scented micellar solution for sensitive and dehydrated skin guarantees unrivalled tolerance and comfort for optimum cleansing and make-up removing efficacy. Used seven days a week, it soothes, cleanses and moisturises dehydrated skin.

Hyrabio Sèrum

With an ultra-fresh gel texture formulated specifically for dehydrated skin, this must-have serum can be applied both morning and evening to skin that has been cleansed and toned. Providing everyday moisturising care, its hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula aids in holding essential water close to the skin.

Hydrabio Gel-Crème

A fresh and light emulsified gel-cream that acts as a moisturiser, the Hydrabio Gel-Crème is suitable for normal to combination skin. Applied morning and/or evening, it provides an excellent makeup base while deeply penetrating the skin to help regain its natural moisturising capacities and removing dead cells to improve skin texture.

Hydrabio Crème

A moisturiser for dry to very dry sensitive skin that lacks radiance, Hydrabio Crème is a rich and enveloping cream with a scented formula. Used morning and evening, this creamy balm can serve as a makeup base that relieves dry and scaly skin, improving its suppleness and elasticity.

Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30  

Suitable for all types of dehydrated uneven skin, this anti-aging, anti-UV, and anti-oxidant powdery cream contains UVA/UBV filters with SPF30 protection and vitamin E that reinforces the skin’s defences. Boasting a delicate melting texture that produces a second skin effect, Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30 contains an association of soft-focus powders and pearls that create a blur effect, concealing blemishes and micro-wrinkles and boosting the skin’s luminosity. A perfect skin effect, it is ideal for women who prefer no or minimal makeup.

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