New business model to catapult GCC healthcare service delivery into the future

GCC healthcare 1Dubai, UAE: The GCC countries have the advantage of being an emerging economy where there is a surge of innovation, technology and knowledge. There is a strong and thorough understanding of the pitfalls of the developed economies’ healthcare systems. This enables them to create specific business models with custom-made financing systems and learn from other’s experiences and mistakes.

The United Integrated Hospitals Network (UIHN) is a network of hospitals, currently in the advanced planning stage. The plan for the UIHN is to build and operate a group of 20 hospitals in the GCC. The project is divided into three phases and is undergoing gradual execution. The plan is to grow steadily within the GCC healthcare infrastructure catering to the region’s healthcare delivery service requirements.

“We have to be innovative in implementing the UIHN healthcare system in Saudi Arabia and the GCC by surging ahead and reaching the network’s goals in a shorter period of time at a lower cost. We are planning to grow by design not by surprise, through anticipating and addressing the actual gaps in healthcare service delivery in these countries,” says Dr Fahad AlTuwaijri, CEO, Aramed, Riyadh, KSA.

Dr AlTuwaijri will discuss this new custom-designed business model for a GCC–wide hospital network during the upcoming Building Healthcare Exhibition & Conferences that will take place from 8-10 June 2015 in Dubai, UAE.


The main objective of the UIHN is to have access to the network’s hospitals everywhere, and at any time, while maintaining high standards of service and to maintain a financially sustainable quality of healthcare for both end users and the UIHN.

“Aramed in Saudi Arabia is currently the main incubator of this program. Phase one of the planning and design process will take approximately one year, and is then followed by three years of execution. We are very selective when involving different stakeholders and inviting shareholders. The vision of our partners is a very crucial factor; without a unified, strong and long-term vision, we won’t be able to materialize our success,” commented Dr Al Tuwaijri.

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