Luxury Maison makes an imprint on Universal Exhibition in Milan through the support of Pavilion Zero and the publication of a limited edition book chronicling the progression of humankind through words

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The written word is the indelible mark of human civilization, and a world without words is a world without civility, literature, poetry, creative ideas, emotions or memories. With its origins in the culture of writing, Montblanc has set an international standard of cultural commitment, with the creation of wide-ranging international initiatives to promote arts and culture in all its forms. Driven by its commitment to help preserve and advance culture, Montblanc takes part in the Universal Exhibition in Milan where it recounts the origins of mankind in Pavilion Zero, which focuses on the theme of “Feeding the Planet” through the history of food, and its impact on the evolution of culture.


Montblanc proudly supports Pavilion Zero with the two-part “Montblanc recounts the World” project, on the one hand with a limited edition book, The Works of Man, the Fruits of the Earth, and on the other with its external graphics reproduced on the pavilion’s north and south facades. Verses, pictographs and petroglyphs from very different eras and cultures are emblazoned on the pavilion’s two facades and recount the first graphic signs that attest to Man’s need to narrate his relationship with food and with the world.

The book The Works of Man, the Fruits of the Earth celebrates the beauty of words over time, through the many stages of human civilization. A collection of poems in which each work reflects the author’s creative spirit and provides insight into another culture and a different space-time reality. Although written in different languages ranging from Egyptian hieroglyphics

from 1500 BC to 13th-century Chinese and 18th-century German, each text has the common purpose of telling a story, conveying an emotion or imparting wisdom on the reader. These thoughts were carefully captured and preserved through words over centuries so that new audiences might rediscover them today. The thoughtfully curated collection of works evokes the power of words to define humankind, to tell the history of our origins and paving the way for what humanity may one day become.

“As human beings we are defined by culture. Without it, humankind loses its identity and society ceases to flourish,” explains Jérôme Lambert Montblanc CEO. “From our early beginnings, continuing a tradition that started when human civilization discovered how to record its collective history, Montblanc has facilitated the recording and sharing of cultural milestones, thoughts and ideas with innovative writing instruments. Today, the Maison’s philosophy is anchored in a commitment to facilitate the support of arts and culture projects worldwide, for the benefit of humankind and future generations. The publication of this special book and the physical presence at Expo 2015 is part of this engagement to push our culture forward.”

Inside the pavilion, in a special area designed in collaboration with Davide Rampello, Artistic Director of Pavilion Zero, visitors can discover a collection of limited edition writing instruments, that draw inspiration from the great scientists, writers and artists of the past, whose genius and vision have contributed to writing an important piece of our collective human history. Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie and Ernest Hemingway are among the great individuals featured in the exhibition. Everyone one of these timeless creations expresses the excellence in artisanal craftsmanship that Montblanc has cultivated for over 100 years. Through an enduring commitment to the highest quality and to traditional values, each piece has all the attributes of a fine lifetime companion.

In addition, Montblanc wanted its own contribution to be both practical and tangible, achieved by producing outdoor seating to give visitors a chance to rest along the cultural and multi-sensory halls of Milan’s Universal Exhibition. The seating is arranged along the length of the Decumanus, the main thoroughfare that runs 1.5 km along the entire Expo site, from east to west, with the national pavilions of participating countries on either side.

mont blanc

The Montblanc book, The Works of Man, the Fruits of the Earth, published by Crocetti Editions will be printed in a limited edition, with 2000 copies sold at the EXPO boutique and in other fine bookshops, and a further 1000 copies gifted to public libraries. The Pavilion Zero and Montblanc exhibit are open to the public as part of Expo 2015 in Milan until October 31, 2015.

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