MOH Training and Development Center in Sharjah hosts European Trauma Course

UAE, October 19, 2015 – The MOH Training and Development Center in Sharjah has organized the European Trauma Course to provide medical teams across the UAE with the latest skills to effectively treat injuries resulting of accidents and major trauma. The training session will integrate the best health care procedures to develop the services being offered to individuals and the community.

The first-of-its kind training in the UAE will be held from October 17 to 27, 2015. The session will be led by an international faculty from emergency physicians, general surgeons, trauma Surgeons and critical care consultants from Germany, Finland, Croatia, Saudi Arabia Sudan, Jordan, Ireland, and Egypt.


Mr. Saqr Al Hemeiri the Director of Training and Development Center of MOH  Said : “The European Trauma Course for medical staff across the UAE is part of the Training and Development Centre’s initiative to enhance the skills of MOH staff and ensure that performance levels are on  par with international standards. The certification given to doctors and participants in the UAE is equivalent to globally recognized certificates. The program will provide participants with knowledge in the latest internationally recognized approach to trauma care

Dr. Mohamed Nasaif, Training Consultant at the MOH Training and Development Center added, “The workshop aims to train and develop medical teams in the UAE according to international standards where the Sharjah Training and Development Centers collaborates with medical experts from distinguished global health organizations. This is in line with the Centre’s active efforts in supporting the providers of superior services and advanced health to the UAE community. As a first for the country, the program will highlight the European Trauma Course and certification, which is recognized worldwide. This program is part of the Ministry’s framework for providing sustainable health care, developing well-trained medical staff, and improving the national health index to ensure that people will lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.” therefore supports the National Agenda 2021

Dr. Carsten Lott the Course Director said:  The European Trauma Course trains physicians and doctors to provide proper timely medical attention to patients suffering from major injuries. It also offers training on trauma treatment with a strong focus on establishing teamwork and cultivating technical and non-technical skills. Eighty five per cent of the training will be allotted to the exposure of the trainees to various scenarios Simulated based environment that realistically mimics trauma injuries and accidents that hospitals often encounter.

The Program will be divided into three batches. The first batch will commence training on October 18 to 20, the train of the train program on October 22 to 23 October, and the third and final batch on October 25 to 27.

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