MENA Organization for Rare Diseases Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2024

MENA Organization for Rare Diseases announces the third annual meeting, MENA Organization for Rare Diseases Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2024 that will be held in Dubai from 1 to 4 February 2024.

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This conference will be the largest event for rare diseases in the region and will last for 4 days during which experts will deliver the most updated knowledge in presentations, workshops, and group meetings in various fields related to rare diseases. In this cycle the conference will put special emphasis on the utility of artificial intelligence in rare diseases, recent research in this field, regional experience and achievements in rare diseases, the latest advancements in diagnostics and therapeutics in rare diseases, medical management and supportive services for rare diseases, and challenges in rare diseases including access to new drugs, insurance coverage, and registries for rare diseases, and patients’ advocacy. Autism and rare diseases and rare diseases in neurology, cardiology, pulmonary, nephrology, ophthalmology, oncology, hematology, genetics, and metabolic will also be discussed. The conference will also highlight specific rare diseases including Angelman, CDKL5, Duchenne, Huntington, Alkaptonuria, and neuroimmune diseases. The meeting will include several workshops and a unique training program for medical professionals to provide compassionate healthcare to people of determination. More than 120 distinguished speakers will participate, including more than 50 international experts.

More than 1000 attendees are expected with more than 30% coming from other countries as this conference will be the largest event for rare diseases in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The target audience includes healthcare providers including physicians from variable specialties, dentists, nurses, allied healthcare professionals including dietitians and physical, speech, and occupational therapists, pharmacists, laboratory personnel, genetic counselors, medical and medical sciences students, researchers, scientists, and educators. Individuals with rare diseases and their families will participate by attending presentations, workshops, and group meetings. Laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, clinics and hospitals, academic and community institutions, support and advocacy groups, and variable authorities and societies focusing on rare diseases will also participate. The exhibition will allow more than 50 entities involved in rare diseases to communicate directly with attendees to understand the needs and present their products and services.

The meeting will present awards to the best submitted abstracts. Furthermore, the Award of Outstanding Achievement in Rare Diseases will be honored to pioneers in the field of rare diseases including researchers, healthcare providers, advocates, and patients and their family members.

This conference is a unique platform that brings all parties involved in rare diseases to one place to obtain the most updated knowledge, increase awareness, exchange experience, advance research, establish networks, explore collaborative opportunities, and provide better care for individuals with rare diseases.

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