Meet Leena Kewlani an abstract impressionist with a mission on positivity


Positive energy and good vibes make for better art.

Leena Kewlani is a Dubai based Abstract Impressionist who has made it her art to channel positivity and good vibes.

Born in Sierra Leone and of Indian descent, a well travelled Kewlani considers each experience of painting a memorable journey deep into her soul where she finds the positive touch she could add into the world with her brush strokes.

“ I only paint when I’m happy.” She says. “Creating art has always been a way to channel emotional intensity. I am very attuned to the emotions that my paintings channel because I believe that those emotions travel with the painting wherever it goes. I want to fill the home where my art ends up with a positive aura”.

Many of Leena’s buyers respond to her work with enthusiasm, defying the popular belief that dark emotions make for better art. As a result, Leena has expanded her medium from oil and acrylic paintings on canvas to charcoal sketches, cloth paintings, glass paintings, mirror paintings and mosaic and glass etching artworks.


“ When I paint, there is an immense joy that emerges through me, and this is what translates into the vibrancy of the colors and into the energy of the strokes that come out in my artworks.” A vibrant Leena adds.

Do her paintings imply that Leena lives in a perfect positive world removed from the imperfect one we all live in? Quite the opposite, as Leena draws her inspiration from imperfection.

“Abstract Imperfections inspire me. I fall in love with imperfections in people, in nature and in things around me. Those imperfections, those little hidden away pieces, and those crazy thoughts that we all have – they all hold a beautiful story. Imperfections are real, they are full of soul. Beauty is a choice I make. Beauty is embedded in imperfection if you chose to see it. I choose to see it.” Says Leena.

Leena Kewlani is living proof that the brilliance of impressionism knows no bounds as she leads us beyond the surface to see more than meets the eye.



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