Meet Deepti Mohanty, Founder and CEO of Vaasara, recognized as one of the 10 most innovative leaders of UAE 2020

It’s been a year of immense change and yet there have been individuals and businesses who have persevered in the face of this adversity and come out on top. The APAC Entrepreneur has identified and awarded Deepti Mohanty, one of the 10 most innovative leaders of UAE. With over 17 years of global experience, Deepti has launched businesses in US, UK, India and Middle East. She is an Engineer with MBA from University of Cambridge, UK.

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Deepti is the founder of the Vaasara beauty app, which has inspired a pivotal change in the UAE’s beauty industry. There are over 10,000 salons, spas and beauty clinics in the UAE, and sometimes the sheer number of treatments on offer can feel rather overwhelming. Vaasara brought the traditional paper-and-pen beauty service establishments to a digital platform. It simplified the booking process by listing service providers and showing their service catalogue, reviews, pictures, user comments and more. This concept was revolutionary because it greatly simplified the way customers interact with service providers, bringing unprecedented convenience, ease and simplicity to the customer experience of search, book and payment processes.

Vaasara is one of the first apps in the Middle East exclusively dedicated to the beauty industry, leaving a lot of room for unimpeded growth. Vaasara started with just 30 salons and has now partnered with over 400 salons, spas and clinics in less than a year. With virtually no money spent on marketing, Vaasara has grown its user base with 60% bookings made by repeat customers.

During the pandemic, several initiatives were done by the company to stay relevant as a brand in the new normal and provide a similar platform to its merchant partners. One of the most successful campaigns was #MySalonIsSafe, which allowed the merchants to declare themselves safe against a checklist of government safety practices. Virtual events launched on social media to promote its merchant partners also reached over 250,000 people in UAE. In line with the latest payment trends, Vaasara has also partnered with Spotii to launch “Book Now, Pay Later” on the app, where a user can book a service and pay in four interest-free instalments. With pandemic resulting a boom in plastic surgery, Vaasara has now turned its focus towards it.

‘I’m very excited about the future of Vaasara. 2021 will be the year of growth and acceleration for us’ Deepti concludes, hinting at a bright future.


About Vaasara

April 2019 saw the release of Vaasara, a booking app to book salons and spas online in Dubai. A year since then, Vaasara has over 400+ salons and spas on board. A new version of the app was released on App Store and Play Store, where user can filter for “Safe” salons and spas, search for a salon by a service, save its credit card details in a PCI-DSS secure compliant vault, review user comments and apply promocodes easily.

Download iOS app here: [Link]
Download Android app here: [Link]

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