Preventive health checkups, anti-ageing programmes bring

Swiss standard to females in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE, 28 February, 2018: A new range of bespoke anti-ageing and preventative healthcare packages have been created to give women the gift of beautiful skin, a youthful appearance and a longer, healthier life.

Swiss clinic Nescens Clinique De Genolier has created the all-inclusive packages exclusively for women, and have been described as the ideal treatments for Middle East patients looking for discretion, excellence and luxury.

“For decades, people have travelled from across the world to visit Switzerland and receive treatment in the very best clinics and hospitals by doctors and professionals at the top of their field and is especially true of preventive and anti-ageing care,” said Andres Oppenheim, General Manager of Nescens Clinique De Genolier.

“The doctors at Nescens Clinique De Genolier have crafted comprehensive packages specifically targeting women. The results from the tests provide medical insights to our clients allowing them to pin point any future risks to their health. It’s an investment for the future.”


The three packages – Essential Women Plus, Advanced Women Plus and Excellence Women Plus – cater to all anti-ageing requirements, regardless of age, skin tone and overall wellbeing.

Essential Women Plus

Ideal for clients between 30 and 35 years old, this package contains all the basic processes and tests including admission and attending, comfort set, breakfast and lunch, medical consultations, laboratory analyses over 20 markers and diagnostic imaging.

The full suite of tests, including registration and processing, costs AED24,388 and includes a one-night stay in the clinic.

Advanced women plus

Targeting clients between 35 and 45 years old, the advanced women plus package contains all the tests offering in the Essential Women Plus, with additional tests such as coronary calcium scoring, angio-CT of the coronary arteries, angio-CT of the supra-aortic arteries, endo-vaginal ultrasound examination and a breast ultrasound examination are included.

The full suite of tests, including registration and processing, costs AED35,954 and includes a one-night stay in the clinic.

Excellence women plus

The ultimate package has been designed for clients aged 45 years and above. All the elements the Essential and Advanced packages are included with the addition of a bone mineral density and body composition measurement, an endovaginal ultrasound examination, a mammogram and an echocardiogram.

The full suite of tests, including registration and processing, costs AED62,694 and includes a one-night stay in the clinic.

Nescens Clinique De Genolier is a luxury Swiss clinic exclusively dedicated to preventive medicine and anti-aging programmes, employing experts with over 20 years’ experience in the field. For more information, please visit

Caption: Nescens Clinique De Genolier offers comprehensive preventive and anti-ageing packages to Middle East travelers.

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