LPG Raises Awareness About Breast Cancer

‘Think Pink’ Campaign Helps Survivors Rebuild their Lives

LPGDubai, UAE, 18th September 2016: French health and wellness brand LPG under its “Think Pink” campaign aims to raise awareness about a very important issue facing women today, Breast cancer.  Helping more women be aware is a huge social responsibility that LPG is highly involved in.

Breast cancer patients need a strong support system to help them rebuild their lives and continue living active and meaningful lives. LPG through its medical treatments gives them tools designed to bring both hope and information to overcome their fears and assure them they can still go after their dreams, even after battling breast cancer.

An LPG physiotherapist or specialist can help heal scars after breast reconstruction and rehabilitation, following radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments. Most people are unaware that the role of a physiotherapist is essential at this stage; it allows women to progressively reclaim their body. It’s also at this stage that LPG becomes indispensable.

An expert for over 30 years now, LPG has been developing medical devices for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes that offer 100% natural treatments to treat connective tissue. LPG is highly involved in post-breast cancer treatment and provides physiotherapists and their patients with protocols for specific treatments (fibrosis, scarring, lymphedema, posture, amongst others) through its two proprietary technologies: the Cellu M6 and the HUBER MOTION LAB.

The CELLU M6, through its Endermotherapy treatments, brings about quick and painless management of sensitive tissue with its unique way of mobilizing the skin.
Thanks to its draining and defibrosing properties, clinical results in breast-cancer post-treatment can rapidly be observed such as:

  • Skin, hardened by radiation, gains flexibility and elasticity.
  • The quick and delicate mobilization of tissue reduces inflammation and facilitates the scarring process.
  • The technique frees up adhesions and stimulates blood flow, without pain or trauma.
  • While fitting an implant, treatments also help prevent adhesion.
  • The draining effect obtained with Cellu M6 is 3 times faster than the one obtained through a manual lymphatic drainage.

The LPG HUBER MOTION LAB, on the other hand, gently eases a patient’s body back into movement. Joints and muscles are progressively targeted to relieve tension and regain strength and flexibility. During post-cancer rehabilitation, the HUBER MOTION LAB aids patients in resuming physical activity to combat relapses, helping regain movement and eventually reintegrate a patient’s upper limb into her overall body image. She quickly regains shoulder mobility and thus prevents postural problems.

Consult your therapists at LPG Systems to discover Endermotherapy treatments at www.endermologie.com


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