Lounge in style on the Luxury Throne series from Wardé by Trevi Design

wardeDubai, United Arab Emirates: Wardé by Trevi Design, a gulf-born high-brow interiors brand associated with delicately woven fabrics and exclusively refined products, presents its Luxury Throne series. Wardé’s exquisite upholstered fabrics, ranging from leather and damask to jute and fine milled weaves create an atmosphere of sensational beauty and charm stemming from exceptional quality and over 130 years of experience. Soul-touching and dynamic, the latest collection of print-painted, varnished and perfected leather and weaves enchant the senses and manifest as a mark of exceptional craftsmanship. A quirky collection with some stunning artistry and vividly saturated color schemes that invoke awe and galore, the Luxury Throne collection is a manifestation of the distinctive style of pop-art street art styles blended into extravagantly luxurious fabric work completing this collection.

The Audrey Throne

A regal coalesce of the Avant Garde design details mixed in with plush, aesthetic upholstery designed exclusively by Wardé, the Audrey is a deep, melodramatic blood red and black with hints of beige adorned with the iconic image of world-famous beauty icon, Audrey Hepburn. A must-have in a vanity or beauty room. Price: 4000 AED 

Mildew Throne

Creating a rippling dew effect for a serene, surrealistic appeal that exemplifies the rich silver-fox beauty of the mercury-hued leather seat. It’s soft golden detailing and simple French filigree patterning makes the Mildew Throne an understated fashion piece to add to any setting. Price: 3750 AED 

Rubies of Regale Throne

Crafted from the best of the best Red Velvet, this plush upholstered seat with matching armrests is an ode to the stunning artisanship and fabric genius that is the endowment of Wardé’s legacy. A visual play on understated monochromes that shine like rubies against mother of pearl in the light, the Rubies of Regale Throne is a necessity in any living space. Price: 3750 AED 

Pug Princess Throne

A cute throne-chair with patent leather seating, a simple and elegant gold piping over a matte leather upholstered high-back adorned by the adorable image of a canine princess. This luxurious and regal settee that speaks of subtle femininity and diverse uniqueness unparalleled by any other.Price: 4000 AED 

Very British Love-Seat Throne

A love-seat fit for the Queen, this 2-person neo-gothic seat with a high-back print hosting the iconic telephone booths of Great Britain, creating a one-of-a-kind aura of travel, luxury and style. Placed in a living room, a long hall or even as a box stool against a luxury bed, the Very Britis h Love-Seat Throne is right at home no matter what location it resides in. Price: 7000 AED

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