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cyroIce baths and cooling therapy are methods that have been used for centuries to alleviate pain and achieve faster muscle recovery. Today, thanks to advances in technology and the invention of cryotherapy, countless additional benefits to these icy treatments have been discovered that can be life changing to the right person.

Ali Omar, General Manager at CRYO Emirates Towers explains: “People from all walks of life come into CRYO with a variety of goals, from athletes seeking to stay ahead of their competition with the most cutting edge muscle recovery technology, to harried executives recovering from jet lag, to devotees on ambitious weight-loss journeys, to people suffering from arthritis seeking pain relief…”

Omar, who has been with CRYO since its opening in Dubai, has witnessed numerous recovery journeys and is convinced of the positive effect the long term use of these treatments can have on anyone who wishes to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

It is so rewarding to see our clients’ responses to the treatments. When jockey Wayne Smith broke his collarbone, we managed to get him back on a horse within 3 weeks rather than the 6 weeks projected by his doctor. This was a great achievement. Witnessing our arthritic clients’ overwhelming reactions to the alleviation of their chronic pain is also very gratifying”, he said.

Cryotherapy treatments are great to incorporate into one’s lifestyle, for overall wellness goals and to help users feel their best at all times. Localized cryotherapy is ideal to help with pain management, bruising, healing and for joint disorders such as arthritis. Whole-body cryotherapy can also be used for pain management, and is often used by athletes for muscle recovery, as well as instant energy boosts. Whether it’s before or after a gym session, after a long flight, for better sleep or to fight a bad headache, the sessions will make users feel revitalized in an instant with simple, non-invasive, cooling technology.

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