Lifecare Hospital, Baniyas’ Diabetic Club initiative will raise awareness about the timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Abu Dhabi – UAE: 9 April, 2015:Following the success of its three-month long ‘Step Up’ campaign and ‘Quit smoking’ drive, Lifecare Hospital has launched the ‘Living with Diabetes’ initiative to raise awareness about the condition and promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle among the residents in worker camps and settlements in the Abu Dhabi region.

The International Diabetes Federation’s findings for 2014 revealed that 387 million people in the world live with the condition, a rise of five million from 382 million in 2013. The UAE now ranks 16th in the global rankings for countries with the highest diabetes prevalence, with 19 per cent of the population living with the disease. A sizeable percentage of people who have diabetes are often unaware they have it, as the symptoms are difficult to identify.

Dr. Arun Menon, Director of Operations, Lifecare Hospital, Baniyas, says, “We have noticed that there are a large number of people in the area with undetected diabetes.Lack of awareness is the biggest risk factor associated with diabetes in the labour population. Most of people in these camps with diagnosed diabetes are unaware of what to eat or avoid. One of the key messages of the campaign is to raise awareness of how the healthy choice can be the easy choice and the various steps that individuals can take to make informed decisions about what they eat. ‘Living with Diabetes’ is a campaign that will first identify the diabetic patients, then educate them on the illness and healthier living.

The campaign, will be in three phases, which will be conducted across 10 camps in Abu Dhabi region and will kick off with a painting competition in each camp during which we will aim to raise awareness about the “living with diabetes” campaign

The second phase of the campaign will include a medical camp focusing on diabetes, with Lifecare Hospital’s doctors and nurses providing medical support to patients, conducting complimentary blood glucose testing and identifying people with diabetes. The third phase will see the inauguration of the Diabetic Club, with awareness classes being conducted regularly by doctors from Lifecare Hospital. The club will host engaging, interactive sessions to inspire people to get active, the members of the club are provided with charts on what to eat and what to avoid and also organize physical activity training such as aerobics. The diabetes club will focus on ways to empower the community to lead more active lives and make them take charge of their own wellness.

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