Let’s meet in Lausanne in 2020… for the Youth Olympic Games!

On Sunday , August 2, 2015

Youth Olympic Games

in Kuala Lumpur a Swiss delegation team attended a meeting where the host city for 2020’s Youth Olympic Games (Y.O.G.) was announced …and Lausanne emerged victorious!

Lausanne – also known by most as the ‘Olympic Capital’ – was distinguished from all other candidates in terms of innovation and vision.

Supported by the City and the Canton of Vaud, the steering committee’s primary focus for project ‘Lausanne 2020’ is based around a strong ‘Vortex’ symbol, which will bring together the whole Olympic family. This ring-shaped building, which will be able to accommodate 1400 people, will be constructed for the YOG 2020 and left as heritage to the future generation of students.

During the competition, all athletes will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative program called ‘Learn and Share’ which will see the students of Lausanne’s educational institutes showcase competencies and expertise from their discipline of choice.

By creating a rich and entertaining program, Lausanne remain true to the Olympic values: respect, friendship and excellence.

With a real solid application, the steering committee has integrated synergies of all competitor sites – including the Alps and the French Jura – to create ‘Lausanne 2020’. Each competitor brings with them excellent infrastructures which will not need any consequent investment and that will remain for the future.

Lausanne have done everything in their power to ensure that the Youth Olympic Games 2020 is the success story that will be on everybody’s lips for years to come!

We’ll see you in Lausanne for the Youth Olympic Games 2020 from 10th – 19th January!

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