King’s College Hospital London signs GCAA screening referral agreement with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD)

King’s College Hospital London in the UAE has signed a service agreement with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD) to provide General Civil Aviation Authority certified screenings to pilots in the UAE. The collaboration highlights the strong ties between both UK-based medical providers in the Emirates and establishes a referral system, where King’s will refer pilots to Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai for GCAA Eye Screenings, given MEHD’s expertise in aviation medicine related to ophthalmology.

All aviation personnel cases requiring Ophthalmology assessments will be passed on to MEHD by King’s, as required by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The referral pathways have been devised to ensure a seamless patient journey. This follows the certification last month of King’s Medical Centre in Jumeirah by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) as an approved aviation clinic in the UAE.

Commenting on the agreement, Neil Buckley, CEO at King’s in the UAE, said: “We’ve solidified this referral system with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai to be able to generate the most successful clinical outcomes achievable for all aviation personnel, as well as ensure lower overall costs for airlines and aviation companies, without compromising on the patient experience. This agreement is part of our commitment to offering only the very best of British healthcare to local and regional patients, pilots included, and enhancing patient pathways by working with partner providers is just one of the many ways King’s is achieving this.”

David Probert, chief executive at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, said: “I welcome the signing of this significant agreement with King’s College Hospital London in the United Arab Emirates. Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai has provided eye care to pilots and aircrew from some of the largest national airlines for the past ten years. This agreement will allow our growing team of GCAA licensed, world-leading aeromedical consultants to provide certified screenings and expert care to pilots across the UAE and wider Middle East.”
King’s aeromedical clinic is headed by Dr John Douglas Ferguson, who is a Senior Aeromedical Examiner and Medical Review Officer for the GCAA and an approved instructor and organiser of Aviation Medicine training courses in the UAE.

For more information about GCAA Screenings conducted by King’s College Hospital London or Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, please contact King’s College Hospital London in the UAE through or call 04 378 9555 for King’s, or or call +9714 429 7888 for Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai.

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