Kickstart 2018 With A Boost of Vitamins

vil-3-squares-on-homepage-2Introducing Vitamin Injections London Skin Patch Collection, an innovative way of absorbing vitamins

Leaving behind the festive season, it can be hard to return to reality. With a packed calendar full of social activities, such as intimate dinners and exciting parties, it’s no wonder they call it the January Blues. Luckily, Vitamin Injections London is on hand to ensure that you start 2018 the way you mean to go on – healthy and renewed for the New Year.

It’s a known fact that we are no longer absorbing the necessary vitamins needed to function at optimal levels, and as such, many men and women are now turning to food supplements in order to boost their health and wellbeing. As a result, the market for supplements is booming, with the market predicted to be worth 9 billion in 2018.

Despite this, it’s good to note that not all supplements will provide you with the benefits that they promise – some coatings on mainstream supplements cannot be digested by the body, therefore deeming them void. Bianca Estelle, Founder of Vitamin Injections London, states that whilst there are supplements that are beneficial to the body available, they are only able to provide the nutrients up to a certain point:

‘Even the best quality oral supplements can only provide 8-15% of vitamins or active ingredients into the bloodstream, unlike Vitamin Injections London patches which provide 90% of vitamins directly into the bloodstream, via 12 hours of continuous transcutaneous nutrient delivery.’

Available in unique formulations, including Vitamin B12, B Complex and D3 and Glutathione, Vitamin Injection London’s skin patches deliver vitamins into the body to support a healthy lifestyle every day.

Glutathione Skin Patches
Glutathione plays a vital role in the body, such as linking with other medicines to make them more digestible and helping the liver detoxify fat before bile is emitted. Many researchers believe that it is so integral to our health, that the levels of glutathione in our body has now become a predictor of how long we will live! Vitamin Injections London’s Glutathione skin patches provides a serious energy boost and helps ward off illness.

Vitamin D3 Patches
Did you know that despite living in year long sunshine, residents of the Middle East are the most likely to be deficient in Vitamin D? And since it’s also not safe to sun yourself all day, Vitamin Injection London’s patches remedy and symptoms of deficiency, promoting a healthy immune system whilst aiding the consumption of calcium.

Vitamin B12 Patches
These patches will greatly benefit those suffering from low energy and fatigue whilst alleviating muscle pain, strengthening weak bones. Users of the patch can experience improvements in overall mood and physical health, as well as improved vision. Vitamin B12 may control blood sugar spikes, playing an integral role for those who require a boost to their nutritional intake.

Vitamin B Complex Patches
Playing an important role in the body’s metabolism through supporting the brain and nervous system, Vitamin B Complex enables the body to perform all activities normally whilst enhancing the activity of the immune system, combatting the effects of physical and psychological problems such as fatigue and depression. Vitamin Injections London Patches are available online on and deliver worldwide with prices starting from 98 AED.

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