Keep your skin revitalised post workout with Skinade collagen drink

skinade-001The first month of the year symbolises a new start for many of us, as it’s time to get back on track with exercise and healthy food, but how many of us consider the negative effects strenuous workout can have on our skin? When the body is put under stress due to regular high-intensity workouts, Cortisol is released and this hormone can lead to the breakdown of Collagen and Elastin in the skin – accelerating early signs of aging. Skinade, the daily collagen drink is the perfect post-workout drink to keep in your gym bag, if you’re looking to maintain youthful and hydrated skin from within.

Skinade is peach and mangosteen flavoured, is packed full of vitamins and contains less than 38 calories, so you won’t need to resort to sports drinks made from sugary ingredients, without any nutritional value that might play an even bigger toll on your skin. Also, the drink contains fragments of collagen peptides, which replenish skin cells and stimulate the production of new collagen – as well as helping to reverse the signs of aging. Consuming skinade for at least 30 days and on a daily basis can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, tone the skin, increase hydration levels and promote healthier looking skin.

To make things even easier, skinade sachets are available in 15ml packs that can be diluted in water and are lighter to carry in your gym bag.

With prices starting from AED 800, skinade packages are available from Iwona Specialty Clinic, Sansaya Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Clinic, Euromed Medical Center, Rose Arbaji, So Spa – Sofitel The Palm, Hauteletic, Kalm Holistic Beauty. Delivery of skinade can also be arranged by calling +971 55 4722404.

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