Johnson’s® Baby Release Official Bath Time Song and Video Following a Little Help From Mothers in The Middle East

JOHNSON’S® has released its very own song dedicated to celebrate the bath time bond between mothers and their babies in the Middle East.

Following a call to mothers across the region earlier this summer to share their very own personal bath-time songs, JOHNSON’S® is pleased to showcase a beautiful bath-time song inspired from the winners of the competition. With recent research by JOHNSON’S® showing that through regularly listening to music during bath time, moms can stimulate a baby’s brain as well as put him or her at ease during such a vital routine of the day, JOHNSON’S® wanted to give mothers across the Middle East the perfect bath time song, fused from their most-loved lyrics, to further support the importance of bath time and soothing melodies during this special part of their babies day.


With hundreds of mothers sharing their recordings of their songs sure to help their baby enjoy bath time, the entries came from across the Middle East. 53% of the entries came from the UAE, 30% from KSA, 7% from EGYPT as well as entries from moms in Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar, greatly reflecting the collaborative effort from parents across the region. Entries in both English and Arabic were uploaded to the JOHNSON’S® Facebook page and dedicated bath time song app.

The JOHNSON’S® baby team then combined the touching lyrics from the winning entries to create a special bath time song and video that moms can play and sing to their babies during bath time. The official bath time song video was created with the help of professional music producers to bring the mother’s fun lyrics to life and create a masterpiece Middle East Mothers could be proud of.

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