International Dental Restoration Expert Dr. Fradeani Conducts Exclusive Course in Dubai

courseDubai, UAE – December 18, 2016: Dental tourism is being dubbed the backbone of the Middle East’s burgeoning medical tourism industry, and much of this growth is being attributed to technological advances in the area of dental implants and prosthetics. To better acquaint the region’s dental practitioners with some of the latest tools in the field, international expert Dr. Mauro Fradeani conducted a lecture and live demonstration at Dubai-based clinic Vilafortuny’s in-house training centre.

“Advances in the field of dental prosthetics have opened the doors to a wide spectrum of restorative materials and technical solutions. Given how dental tourism to the Middle East and Africa is growing, it is important for the region’s dental professionals to be up-to-date,” noted Dr. Fradeani.

Dr. Fradeani’s presentation included constructing an ideal treatment plan, supplemented by the Guided Esthetic Treatment app, or the GET app, a revolutionary new tool engineered to guide dental practitioners in constructing the best possible prosthetic treatment plan and simplify day-to-day operations of dental professionals as they go about restorations.

Vilafortuny’s training centre is engineered to better equip medical and dental practitioners operating within the Middle East to keep abreast with the latest developments in their respective fields.

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