Hundred and fifty 150 million step Diabetes Walk effectiveness within 2014

DiabetesUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit November 8, 2014: Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, Imperial Systems Center College London Diabetes Walk effective in 2014, with support from the guarantee. This year has seen the participation of the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi, and the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Health Point, between the bodies and institutions involved in the community to organize the event and walking distance of 5.5 kilometers in the ring, which hosts the Formula 1 race, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of diabetes.

More than 21 thousand people from across the UAE has been actively involved Walk in 2014, which took place today at the Yas Marina Circuit has resulted in the taking of more than 150 million step of diabetes, in order to spread awareness about this disease. The turnout this year and the number of countable steps resulting from participation in the efficiency with which the circuit hosted the biggest day ever in the history of extending the event eight years. Walk this year’s campaign has proved that the success of the effort to make a simple mathematical exercise such as walking for 30 minutes per person will result in a lot of health outcomes such as prevention of disease and the maintenance of a balanced fitness.

This has great presence came within the effectiveness of this year after the launch of the campaign, which saw a large common on all social media for marking #WALK2014 campaign “Make Your Move Diabetes.” The campaign #WALK2014 has seen more than 3.7 million visible on Instagram and Twitter.

In addition to this event, launched the Imperial College London Diabetes “big data” initiative, which aims to measure the physical and health standards in the community. He Bashar Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer at the center, that more than three thousand people may have logged their data through effective Walk in 2014, thus providing a comprehensive look at the status and health level by measuring the body mass index: the “digital private space has provided effectively Walk 2014 an ideal platform To connect with a large number of members of the community activists who have logged participate the event and record their own data, which include height and weight and level of physical. It was for their participation significant impact access to an important overview of the health situation in the state where their data established a solid base of information to be used by bodies and government agencies involved in the planning and establishment of activities. “

Ramahi reported that the Imperial College London Diabetes publish the results of the “big data” initiative at the World Diabetes Day, which falls November 14: “The goal of this event is to contribute to raising awareness about diabetes in the community disease and the definition of its members to exercise, and follow the diet of the things necessary for a long and healthy life, and that the practice of walking for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and its attendant complications. “

In turn, Dr. Michael Bitzer, CEO, said in a guarantee: “The Walk 2014 initiative of the most important events within the community of our programs, we are happy for our role we play in this successful event. The increase in events and encourage people to exercise and exercise in order to improve the level of physical fitness and health, is one of the strategic objectives we seek to achieve in the company. I would also like to express my thanks to all the participants in the effectiveness of the Walk in 2014, which has achieved tremendous success. Our work depends on your support, and we look forward to achieving positive change you for being partners together within the community. “

In addition to the effectiveness of the Health Walk 2014 X forum was also held for the first time, and saw a large crowd and a tremendous success. The forum was held in collaboration between Imperial College London Diabetes and Yas Marina Circuit, in order to activate the exchange of ideas between experts in all fields and make a positive change in the health of the community dialogue. Health and focused X forum and means of empowering the community to follow an active lifestyle, also saw posts by experts and pioneers from different pieces to explore the latest ideas applied in the fields of health and fitness. It was attended by all of the British athlete Kelly Holmes, the heroine of the Athens Olympics, the British explorer and adventurer known Adrian Hayes, along with a number of eminent personalities of the speeches included in the event.

In a statement, Mr. Tariq al-Amiri, Chief Executive Officer of Yas Marina Circuit, said: “It was the effectiveness of the Walk in 2014 the most successful version yet, and we are very pleased with the growing witnessed by practitioners of the sport and those interested in physical fitness who came to participate in taking the step of diabetes on the track today’s society . We assure our continued commitment to the organization of health initiatives and fitness that have a positive impact in the lives of members of the community in the UAE, and we welcome the presence of all those who wish for a change in the pattern of his life and participate in sports activities that receive participants of various fitness levels at the Yas Marina Circuit ” .

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