Himalaya launches GCC-wide consumer campaign ‘Beauty Begins With Health’ (BBWH)


The BBWH campaign is aimed at encouraging consumers that natural always works best

A recent report stated that consumers in GCC spend approximately $400 million on color cosmetics and women in the UAE spend 38 per cent more on make-up than their counterparts in France, home to some of the world’s biggest beauty brands. These reports indicate that most young women are more concerned with their looks. Women like to look beautiful and feel admired, but they know that enhancement of looks is a short term gain. It’s the natural, glowing beauty that they really admire and desire but they end up prioritizing beauty over health.

Himalaya, the region’s leading personal care brand, has a simple philosophy “Nature knows best”. It does not promise instant results and believes that there are no shortcuts to beauty. True beauty is natural and long-lasting and the foundation of such beauty is Health. All of Himalaya’s range of products offer Herbal actives that ensure health is taken care of and health thereby becomes a stepping stone to beauty. For instance, its Neem Face wash contains the anti-bacterial wonder herb Neem that purifies skin to make it healthy again and pimple free. Its shampoo, uses the herbs Eclipta and Brutea Frondosa to replenishes lost proteins and make healthy again to shine.

Himalaya has launched a GCC-wide campaign “#BeautyBeginsWithHealth” that’s geared towards sensitizing consumers on the importance and benefits of health to ensure natural beauty. The campaign will target 15 to 35 year-old female Asians and Arabs and will carry a unifying message across all key brands, which include, Neem face Wash, Olive Extra Nourishing Cream, Stain-Away Toothpaste, and Tan Removal Face Wash.

Himalaya’s Beauty begins with health campaign will run across all its digital platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The campaign will feature targeted social media content, which will include imagery and videos. It has tied-up with leading influencers in the region to amplify this message.

Himalaya is affirming its position as a responsible natural beauty partner that is constantly looking to educate and guide consumers on the best and safest ways to attain natural beauty.

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