GuavaPass Study Highlights How Their Members Exercise During the Holy Month of Ramadan


Last year, GuavaPass, one of the fastest growing lifestyle and fitness platforms in Asia and the Middle East, carefully tracked their user’s behaviour during Ramadan. The data shows that while members were still using the platform to book fitness classes during the holy month, they were more likely to book lower intensity exercises.

When looking at the booking behaviour of GuavaPass’ members during Ramadan, flexibility and balance exercises remain king. GuavaPass saw a 68% increase in bookings for yoga, whilst there was a 23% increase in bookings for Stretch and 10% increase for toning exercises, suggesting that although fitness remained a priority during Ramadan, with an average of 3.5 workouts booked per week, many members preferred a lower intensity workout.

The least popular class type during Ramadan was Weight Training, a more high intensity work out, which saw a 43% decrease in bookings. This would correlate with the fact that members were more likely to do lower intensity workouts during daylight hours, as they would not need to rehydrate during the class, or fuel up appropriately to carry them through the class beforehand, allowing them to remain active without having to break their fast. The time spent in classes was averaged at 42 minutes so as not to over exert members during work outs.

Other findings from the study also found that many of GuavaPass’ members chose to do a juice cleanse during the month, with the majority of classes booked one hour earlier, allowing members to work out closer to sunrise, just after suhour. Many studios also adjust their class timings to later on in the evening to allow for those who are fasting to work out later in the evening after Iftar, such as with available classes from 8pm onwards. Despite Ramadan being an ideal time for many members to embark on a holiday, GuavaPass did not see a dramatic decrease in members during the month as they noted that 69% of people prefer to stay in their home country during the month.

Laura Olivier, General Manager Define notes “For our timings, we move everything up about an hour or so, since we find that the reduced office hours allow clients more time to get a workout in earlier in their day, and sometimes even double up on classes! For our clients who are fasting, we see an increase in their attendance of our yoga-based classes since they are more restorative.

Additionally, we find that the focus on self and spiritual cleansing during Ramadan encourages clients (Muslim and non-Muslim) to focus inward on their self-health and wellbeing. Many of our clients will do detoxification or juice cleanses, and others may take a break from alcohol for the month, for example. It is wonderful to see clients of all nationalities and religions using the time to increase self awareness and to cleanse the body and mind.”

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