GoBe2: The 1st in the World Smart Brand that Tracks Calorie Intake and Hydration

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GoBe 2 is a smart band uses a unique patented FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep, and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance.

FLOW Technology uses information from three sensors: accelerometer, impedance sensor, piezo sensor, to deliver comprehensive insights on your calories intake and burned.

When a person eats or drinks something it makes its way through the natural digestion process and reaches the intestines, where enzymes break down food. The duration of the digestion process depends on what you eat and the speed of your metabolism. When the glucose concentration rises, the cell absorbs it and release water.

GoBe2 uses a bioimpedance sensor that sends high and low-frequency signals through the skin to determine the movement of this fluid, track calories The dynamics of extracellular fluid can estimate: How many calories you consumed, What quantities of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

In the end, you get a graph showing metabolic processes that shows how many calories you digested each day.

Hydration is very important to keep the bodies in good shape and GoBe 2 helps to monitor hydration level in the bodies.

It measures increases and decreases in your body’s hydration level with Piezo sensor. It also uses information about your activity and body data. To help you stay hydrated, GoBe2 uses algorithms to determine how frequently it should remind you to drink. GoBe2 calculates your water balance, on the basis on the several parameters. The level of fluid in cells is calculated with a bioimpedance sensor. An accelerometer measures the number of steps taken and overall physical activity and your personal characteristics like gender, weight, and age are also taken into account. With this data, GoBe2’s algorithms determine how frequently the device should remind you to drink so that you stay hydrated.

The stress levels are measured by estimating your stress level by conducting a complex analysis: Piezo sensor identifies a high heart rate; The bracelet analyzes data on the previous night sleep quality and time zones change; Accelerometer measures the absence of physical activity at this moment.

GoBe2 makes an overall analysis of your body measurements: The piezo sensor measures your current and daily heart rate, the Sleep Cycle algorithm analyzes the previous night’s sleep quality, the synchronization of Healbe GoBe2 with your smartphone provides information of time zone changes low stress, high and low stress.

GoBe2 analyzes this information to determine your emotional stress level. You can see the complete picture in the app but how is the stress level defined: When you experience emotions, the sweat glands respond to it. Using a galvanic skin reaction sensor (GSR), GoBe2 measures the activity of the sweat glands. If they are active for more than 10 minutes, GoBe2 notifies you about emotional stress with message “Emotion”.

Get a good night sleep as GoBe2 provides a thorough sleep analysis by measuring your heart rate and motion behaviour throughout the night. Every night, GoBe2 monitors your body’s parameters to provide a full data report of your sleep phases.

It tracks your heart rate day and night and measures your resting heart rate and pulse during physical activity, automatically and constantly, while you’re wearing the device.  It delivers updated measurements every 10 seconds and helps you evaluate your lifestyle and maximize your workouts.

When you wear GoBe2 on your wrist its Piezo-sensor constantly determines the frequency of your heart rate, when moving, your hart rat measurement can be less precise than when you are at rest. The Accelerometer tracks movement to better measure your heart rate during exercise.

Lastly this smart brand helps you keep your weight under control by changing your food habits for your ideal weight.

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