Give your tastes buds a sugary flavour with Puranmal

PuranmalGulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, a popular dessert in Asia, is mainly made from freshly curdled milk, kneaded into dough and shaped into small balls and are soaked in a sugary syrup These saccharine dipped balls are specially served at weddings and parties.


This particular sweet is very famous for its circular structure and chewy texture. They are made by deep-frying wheat flour and soaking them in sugar syrup. Jalebi’s are quite popular in South Asia during the festive seasons.


Falooda, a Persian dish which contains basil seeds, vermicelli, rose syrup and ice cream all blended together to form a perfect summer drink or an after food dessert.

About Puranmal:

A name synonymous with exceptional quality in Indian sweets and savory delicacies, Purnamal Restaurant began its legacy over 90 years ago as a humble Indian store and has blossomed into a leading pioneer in the Indian Food industry far and wide. With a vision to create the best products created using the finest ingredients, Puranmal has embarked on a journey to provide authentic Indian food suitable for the consumption of vegetarian consumers internationally.

Vega by Puranmal Restaurant, Jumeirah

Tel: 04-3854692 / 93

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