Genetic Testing to Be Offered to Positive Cases Diagnosed by Pink Caravan Breast Cancer Awareness Ride 2019

  • Fixed clinics will offer free checkups and screenings for 10 days, 21 Feb – 2 Mar across the UAE
  • Over 30 mobile clinics will be setup in the seven emirates and a mini mobile van will accompany the equestrian ride
  • 150 equestrian volunteers will lead the awareness march, covering 154 km across the UAE
  • PCR 2019 has announced a target of 9,000 free consultations for residents and citizens of UAE
  • Entertaining community awareness activations in Sharjah, Dubai, RAK and Ajman

Dr Sawsan Al Madhi: New approaches to strengthening a culture of awareness are at the heart of this ride. This year we are bringing genetic testing to make breast cancer treatment more effective.

The Pink Caravan Ride’s higher organising committee held a press conference in Sharjah today (Wednesday) to announce that the ninth edition of the annual pan-UAE breast cancer awareness initiative will take another step forward in ensuring effective treatment for diagnosed cases of breast malignancy through genetic testing. This new feature has been added to the campaign owing to the 15 positive cases of breast cancer that were detected by the Ride last year – the highest number in a single edition.
Another improvement that PCR 2019 will see is the introduction of a mini mobile clinic on the ride equine route, which will travel the seven emirates with the campaigns equestrian volunteers, offering additional awareness lectures by medical experts, self-examination workshops, as well as preliminary manual checkups to support the services that will be offered by medical teams dedicated to each emirate, and maximise the campaigns community outreach efforts.

Alongside these significant announcements, the press conference shared all details of the ninth edition of the ride.

In attendance were HE Reem BinKaram, Head of the Pink Caravan’s Higher Organising Committee; Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General of FOCP and Head of the Pink Caravan Ride Medical and Awareness Committee; Badr Al Juaidi, Manager of the Pink Caravan Ride; HE Mohammed Hassan Khalaf, General Manager of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority; and HE Jassem Al Blooshi, Head of Organisational Excellence, Sharjah Islamic Bank.

In her media address, BinKaram highlighted: “Eight years ago when we launched PCR, all we wanted to do was spread awareness about the importance of regular screenings and early detection. We were a bit wary of the way our campaign would be received – horses on the road, rallying support to create breast cancer awareness; a taboo topic we would generally push under the carpet.

“Today, the ride has become a nationwide annual celebration of hope, health and awareness, and its success stories have spread in the region and far beyond. People wait to join our campaign every year. I extend a ‘pink thank you’ for the efforts you all have put in – our trusted partners, sponsors, volunteers and supporters who have brought us to the position we stand at today. More than 16,000 mammograms have been delivered in the past eight years, and more than 1400 riders and volunteers have stressed the importance of early detection in all seven emirates.”

She added: “For the first time in the history of PCR, a mini mobile van will be with us through our journey on the equine route to offer additional checkups and spread awareness in addition to the other mobile and fixed clinics that will be operating at more than 30 locations nationwide. All these advancements go back to the encouraging and consistent efforts of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and his wife, Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Founder and Royal Patron of FOCP, to who we will forever be grateful.”

Khalaf noted: “We in Sharjah are committed to addressing all heath issues by increasing awareness about them on media – a vision that has been created by the Ruler of Sharjah. Sharjah Broadcasting Authority is committed to taking the message of PCR far and wide, this year and every year. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to build healthy local communities. We will do our best to spread the word about the clinics in all emirates, so people can access them to receive their free consults.”

Al Blooshi also reiterated SIB’s commitment to the campaign, saying: “This gathering today is proof of the strong national agenda the UAE has established to ensure the health and wellbeing of the UAE’s citizens and residents. Pink Caravan was and is one of the main pillars furthering these goals. Sharjah Islamic Bank is proud to be offering support to this campaign as year after year, which keeps elevating their success rate and awareness outreach. We pledge our continued commitment to this wonderful campaign, and I thank all volunteers who are making it successful every year.”

Thereafter, presentations were made by Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, and Badr Al Juaidi, announcing the equestrian and medical routes of the ninth ride.

During her presentation, Dr Al Madhi remarked: “New approaches to strengthening a culture of awareness are at the heart of this ride. Last year, this time, we announced the launch of the PC permanent mobile mammogram clinic, which features best-in-class screening equipment and latest technologies used today for diagnosing breast and cervical cancers. This year we are bringing genetic testing to make breast cancer treatment more effective.”

Medical Venue Schedule

Day 0 – Sharjah & Dubai
PCR’s medical clinics will start operating in two venues, Sharjah and Dubai, one day before the official start of the campaign. On Friday, February 22, Sharjah will offer free medical screenings exclusively to women at the Sahara Centre, and will have testing facilities for both female and male walk-ins at the Sharjah National Park. In Dubai, the clinic will operate out of St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral in Oud Metha.

Day 1 – Sharjah

PCR medical clinics will operate from 10am to 6pm in selected locations in each emirate. On Day 1, Saturday, February 23, medical screenings will be offered to women in three locations: Sahara Centre, Mega Mall and Sharjah National Park. A clinic will be set exclusively for males at the Jubail Market.
The fixed clinic will be based out of Al Majaz Waterfront, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 4-10pm, from Feb 21 – Mar 2

Day 2 – Ajman

On Day 2, Sunday, February 24, three clinics in Ajman will be available at the Ajman University, Ajman Specialty General Hospital, and Al Hamedia Health Center, which will be offering free checkups and screenings only to women. A fourth clinic in Al Madina Health Centre will receive both men and women.
The fixed clinic will be set up at Ajman Corniche, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 4-10pm, Feb 21 – Mar 2.

Day 3 – Dubai

On Day 3, Monday, February 25, the mobile clinics will be in Dubai Foundation For Women and Children, The Indian International School, DSO, Dubai Design District – D3, and Emirates Transport (which will cater to both men and women). This day’s sponsor is Chalhoub Group.
The fixed clinic will be at Mall of the Emirates, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 10am to 10pm, Feb 21 – Mar 2.

Day 4 – Umm Al Quwain

On Day 4, Tuesday, February 26, the mobile clinics will reach Umm Al Quwain where Al Salama Health Centre and Falaj Al Mualla Health Centre will receive women, besides Umm Al Quwain Hospital, which will consult with both sexes. A clinic will also be operating in Sharjah on the fourth day of the ride, and will be receiving only females at Al Qasimi Hospital
The fixed clinic will be based out of Mall of Um Al Quwain, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 4-10pm, from Feb 21 – Mar 2.

Day 5 – Fujairah (covering Dibba & Khorfakkan)

On Day 5, Wednesday, February 27, medical clinics will span Fujairah at the Fujairah Correctional and Punitive Enterprise, two locations in Dibba including the Dibba Al Hisn Ladies Club and Dibba Hospital (which will receive both males & females); and two more in Khorfakkan, at the Khorfakkan Hospital and Khorfakkan Ladies Club that will cater only to women.
The fixed clinic will be operating from Lulu Mall, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 4-10pm, from Feb 21 – Mar 2.

Day 6 – Ras Al Khaimah

On the sixth day of the ride, that is Thursday, February 28, citizens and residents of Ras Al Khaimah will be able to receive their free medical consultations and screenings at five locations in the emirate. Both women and men will be received at the clinics in Saqer Hospital and Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone. Shaam Hospital, RAK Hospital and Abdullah bin Omran Hospital will be dedicated solely to female walk-ins.
The fixed clinic here will be based out of RAK Mall, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 4-10pm, from Feb 21 – Mar 2.

Day 7 – Abu Dhabi

Staying true to PCR tradition, the final day of this breast cancer awareness ride, on Friday, March 1, will be spent in Abu Dhabi. Mobile clinics exclusively for females will be set up at Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club. Both males and females will receive checkups at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre.
The fixed clinic in this emirate will be set up at Marina Mall, and deliver free consultations and screenings every day, 10am to 10pm, Feb 21 – Mar 2.

Seven days, seven emirates – Pink Caravan Ride awareness route

Badr Al Juaidi outlined the campaign’s equestrian route. The ride will flag off at 10am, Saturday, February 23, from the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club, and ride through Coral Beach Resort and Souq Al Jubail to finally end the day’s ride at Al Majaz Waterfront at 5:15pm, tracking 39 kilometres.

On the second day, the riders will begin at 9:30am from Ajman Municipality, passing by Ajman Marina and the sand area opposite Ajman Fish market, to stop at Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital at 3pm, traveling 16 kilometres.

On its third day, Monday, the ride will kick off at 10am at Dubai Design District, and travel for 2 kilometres within the D3 premises to reach the end point at 12 noon.

On the fourth day, Tuesday, the riders will move from the sand area near Marvelous Workshop in Umm Al Quwain at 9:30am, and head to two stop points – Umm Al Quwain General Hospital and National Flag area – before the ride ends at the Umm Al Quwain Museum at 3pm. On this day, the riders will be touching 15 kilometres.

The Pink Caravan Ride will continue making its way on Wednesday, February 27, when it will move the Khorfakkan campus of Sharjah University at 9:30am, passing through Khorfakkan Hospital, Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa, and the Dibba Hospital, to finally arrive at Sambraid Beach at 6pm, tracking 40 kilometres.

On its sixth day, Thursday, February 28, the riders will move at 9:30am from HCT – Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College, making its way to Saqr Hospital and Manar Mall before finally ending the ride in RAK Corniche at 3pm, traveling 14.4 kilometres.

On the final day of the tour, Friday, March 1, the ride will kick off at 10am from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque heading to Health Point Hospital and finally stop at Louvre Abu Dhabi at 4:30pm, traveling 34.9 kilometres.

Awareness Activations

In addition to the mainstream activities of the Pink Caravan Ride 2019, a series of family-focused awareness events will be organised in the emirates. These will be organised at the Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah, in the corniche areas of Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman, and in Dubai Design District. In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, respectively, the activities Pink Regatta will be organised in Dubai.

Since its inception in 2011, the Pink Caravan has been actively engaged in highlighting the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and the repercussions of the disease the UAE society and economy have been facing. The Sharjah-based non-profit has played a key role in dispelling misconceptions related to breast cancer, and offered support to patients and their families in need. The work FoCP and PCR have done in the past years have had a significant effect in reducing the spread of breast cancer and diminishing its progression to advanced stages through free medical examinations that have helped save lives of citizens and expatriates alike. Over the past seven years, the PCR campaign has offered free early-detection screenings to 48,873 people of different nationalities and ages, including 9,643 men.

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