Founder of L’ETO Selects the UAE as the ‘lab’ for his Unique Coffee Blends

Artem Login, goes by foot across city’s to discover artisian beans, which are then specially blended in Dubai

Promising and enthusiastic entrepeneur, founder and idealiser behind Emirati favourite, L’ETO, Atem Login, takes a modern and global approach when brining the best and most unique coffee to the UAE.

27 year old Artem, had the vision to run a successful business, with a focus on creating a boutique-style, high end café, serving exceptional coffee and cakes. Ten years later, Artem has established 12 L’ETO venues across the UK and Middle East; all boasting weekly unique blends. The coniseur tasks himself to travel to 10 countries per year, with one goal; to find new types of coffee, some never tasted before in the UAE.

Artem believes that the best way to discover and taste coffee; is through a cupping process; an industry practice since the late 19th century. It is also a technique that broadens ones knowledge, being able to identify differences between cultivars and courntries. This traditional technique has shaped the world of coffee as it stands today; now a hip industry where we see the likes of ‘Rocket Fuel’ being created.

From his prespoective, L’ETO’s founder describes the perfect coffee should be a balance of a citrus hint, acidic, floral, be light, but at the same time full bodied and have a distinct finish. This can be seen in L’ETO’s glorious Ethiopia Guji that has floral and sweet tropical fruit notes, along with distinctive acidity, medium and sweet body. It is complemented with berry and cocoa mixed with tender vanilla

Artem Login, Founder of L’ETO comments, “A perfect example of beans showing best results is in Arabic coffee, where green or unroasted are used. This sort of coffee maintains the best array of nutritious elements that coffee has to offer and hence, the lighter the roast, the better the coffee”

“Traveling for coffee gives you a great way of expanding your taste horizons, meet new people in the same field, see new methods of preparation and be amazed at how much is still out there to be explored. A truly mind blowing experience was during my trip to Melbourne – a true world capital for coffee. It’s a place that serves coffee in the most artisanal way, so you only get to experience black coffee in its real form brewed through various extraction methods”

People all over the world consume the beverage but each part of the world has a variation of the drink. The Japanese are known for being creative with drinks and often add a local twist for example, adding rice inside a coffee drink! The Arab world loves coffee with condensed milk, while in South America, it’s commonly served black”.

The new coffee blends will be served at all L’ETO outlets in the UAE and will also be available to take home in packages of 500 grams. In addition, L’ETO has recently launched its second edition of Secret Garden by L’ETO, in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, where customers can discover coffees such as Geisha Panama that produces a very aromatic and floral cup of coffee and is in high demand across the globe.

A product of London, L’ETO caffe first opened it’s doors to the world in 2011 and in just a few years, established its mark in London and the Middle East with two Secret Garden additions in UAE, and a thriving on-line store.

L’ETO is open daily from 8am to midnight. Follow the cafe on social media or visit the website

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