Ferhat Kacmaz, Pioneer of Ems Fitness in the Middle East

Ferhat Kacmaz had a vision to establish EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) in The Middle East and decided the best place to start would be Dubai; the land of vision and opportunity. Due to EMS training being such an unknown modality, finding partners and even being granted a business license was a year-long struggle. Now he is the CEO and Founder of Fit in Time, a chain of 30 EMS fitness locations across the Middle East and Germany.

After losing 30kgs in 6 months through bi-weekly EMS sessions, Ferhat came to Dubai with a relentless determination to get his own EMS chain established in gyms. He was new to the region and trying to overcome obstacles from all angles, especially with licensing this revolutionary technology. Additionally, gyms and EMS were previously rivals, and his idea to have EMS fitness within gyms was going against the grain. Ferhat was on a mission to capture the existing gym market and show them how they could better their results in less time. His efforts eventually paid off when each of his ideal collaborators agreed to join forces. He is now partnered with gym giants Fitness First, Fairmont the Palm, Talise Spa and Burj Al Arab. Ferhat explains,

“Dubai is a unique market place where movers are rewarded, and innovators appreciated. I will never forget what this city has allowed us to establish. We are very grateful!”.

Mr. Kacmaz has a plethora of business experience and has had businesses in F&B, events and nightlife. He is well respected amongst the community for his achievements and ability to be forward thinking and his influence is supported with over 100,000 followers on his social media accounts.

The UAE’s fitness industry is estimated to be worth 380 million USD and EMS fitness is currently the fastest growing area. Despite being relatively new to the Fitness Industry, EMS has been used since the 1970’s. It has recently gained popularity due to recognizing its effectiveness within a short period of time. One 20 minute session is equivalent to 240 minutes at the gym, it is being utilized and endorsed by athletes and celebrities worldwide.

EMS has seen significant growth in its current form as a toning, strengthening and fitness tool. It is also proven to reduce back pain and knee injuries as well as having benefits for asthma and emphysema sufferers. Many clients at Fit in Time have seen significant weight loss over a course of sessions.
Ferhat Kacmaz pioneered the German technology of EMS in the Middle East in 2013 and by April, the number of Fit in Time locations will have increased to 34. In the next two years he is planning for 200 in the Middle East alone. Fit in Time already has multiple locations in the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain with Saudi locations opening soon. Mr. Kacmaz is delighted with the success of Fit in Time and says,

“This is just the beginning! People are only just starting to get educated about the potential of EMS and as more people know about it, it can only grow!”

As Fit in Time expands across the Middle East, Ferhat is planning for locations in Asia and the USA.

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